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AlmaLinux Continues the Legacy of CentOS with the Release of Version 9

If you have been keeping up with our coverages, you may have come across AlmaLinux 9.0 beta release last month.

AlmaLinux is one of the best RHEL alternatives, so a new stable release based on the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 9) is useful as a CentOS replacement.

The latest AlmaLinux 9 release supports the major architectures that include Intel/AMD(x86_64), ARM64 (aarch64), IBM PowerPC(ppc64le), and IBM Z (s390x).

AlmaLinux 9.0: What’s New?

AlmaLinux 9.0 utilizes Linux kernel 5.14 with this release. It includes improvements for cloud and container development, with refinements to the web console.

You can also expect performance improvements with other changes that include:

New Wallpapers

AlmaLinux 9

With AlmaLinux 9.0, you will notice a couple of new wallpapers along with the ones available in the last release.

The new wallpapers look pleasant to the eye and offer a few background variations.

Linux Kernel 5.14

One of the significant changes, Linux Kernel 5.14, brings newer hardware support, among various other improvements.

You can read more about the improvements in Linux kernel 5.14 in our older coverage.

Updated Packages

It’s no surprise that this release comes with new package updates. Some include Git 2.31, PHP 8.0, Perl 5.32, and MySQL 8.0.

GCC has also been updated to its latest version, 11.

Other updates include Python 3.9 and the latest versions of LLVM, Rust, and Go compilers to make modernizing the applications faster and easier.

To explore all the technical changes, you can refer to the official release notes.

Download AlmaLinux 9.0

You can grab the latest ISO through the official mirrors available on the download page. A .torrent file is also available in the mirrors.

What do you think of AlmaLinux 9.0 release based on RHEL? Planning to use it for your server? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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