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CloudLinux Announces Commercial Support for its CentOS Alternative AlmaLinux OS

CentOS alternative AlmaLinux announced the availability of their first stable release a month back.

If you are planning to replace your CentOS deployments or have already started to utilize AlmaLinux OS, you will be happy to know that you are about to get commercial support and premium support soon.

CloudLinux, the sponsor of the project announced that it will start providing multiple support options next month.

More About the Support Options

According to the press release, they aim to offer reasonable pricing for the support tiers:

“Support services for AlmaLinux OS from CloudLinux provides both the highest quality support from the OS sponsor along with the benefits of an independent technology partnership,” said Jim Jackson, president and chief revenue officer, CloudLinux. “Reasonably priced and flexible support services keep systems running on AlmaLinux OS continuously updated and secure for production workloads.”

They also clarify that the support tiers will include update delivery commitments and 24/7 incident response services.

This means that you will be getting regular patches and updates for the Linux kernel and core packages, patch delivery service-level agreements (SLAs), and 24/7 incident support.

For any business or enterprise, this should be the perfect incentive to start replacing CentOS on their server if looking for a CentOS alternative.

In addition to the plans for the next month, they also plan to offer a premium support option for enterprise use-cases and more:

CloudLinux is also planning to introduce a premium support tier for enterprises that require enhanced services, as well as Product NodeOS Support for AlmaLinux OS, explicitly tailored to the needs of vendors and OEMs that are planning to use AlmaLinux as a node OS underlying their commercial products and services.

This is definitely exciting and should grab the attention of OEMs, and businesses looking for a CentOS alternative with a long-term support until 2029 at least.

They also added what the community manager of AlmaLinux OS thinks about it going forward:

“Since launch, we’ve received tremendous interest and support from both the community as well as many commercial vendors, many of whom have begun using AlmaLinux OS for some pretty amazing use cases,” said Jack Aboutboul, community manager of AlmaLinux. “Our thriving community has supported each other since day one which led to rapid adoption amongst organizations and requests for commercial support.”

The support service options should start rolling out in May 2021 (next month). If you want to know more about it before the release or how you can use it for your AlmaLinux OS deployments, fill up the form in the official support page.

So, what do you think about AlmaLinux OS as a CentOS alternative now with the imminent availability of commercial support? Do you have big hopes for it? Feel free to share what you think!

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