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14 Best Steam Games on Sale for Linux Users 🎮 (June 2024)

Looking for the perfect game on Steam to play on Linux? These are some of the best ones available at a discount.

Gaming on Linux has been evolving over the years, thanks to Wine, Steam's Proton and many other tools like Bottles, Lutris, and Heroic Game Launcher.

This means even if a game is unavailable natively on Linux, you can still play some of them thanks to Steam Play.

That's great. But, you would need some great discounts on games to give them a try, right?

Well, you are in luck; the yearly Steam Summer Sale is live right now (until July 11, 2024), with offers on much of the catalog.

I have picked a few games for Linux systems (even if they are not natively supported) that might pique your interest.

Let's get started. 🎮

This article is updated regularly (monthly/quarterly) when there are major Steam sales.

Note: Regional pricing can differ. The prices mentioned are in US dollars.

1. Palworld

a screenshot of palworld

Steam Deck statusPlayable 🟡

Fight, farm, build and work alongside mysterious creatures called “Pals” is what the Steam store listing says about this game. But, many of us feel that this game is Pokémon, but with guns. 🤭

Anyhow, it is a lovely game to play with friends or even solo, as the community is pretty friendly. Just login and do whatever you want.

Want to become a warrior? You can do that, want to live peacefully? You can do that too!

It's 25% off on Steam right now at $22.49.

2. RimWorld (Native Linux)

a screenshot of rimworld

Steam Deck status: Verified ✅

If you ever wanted to manage a colony on a far away planet, then RimWorld can be a good choice. You start the game with three survivors of a shipwreck who have to be taken care of properly, or they will not survive.

It's 20% off on Steam right now at $27.99.

3. Cyberpunk 2077

a screenshot of cyberpunk 2077
Fun fact: I was attending a high stakes party in Dogtown when I took this screenshot.

Steam Deck statusVerified ✅

Step into the shoes of V, a merc in Night City. Fight your way through corpos and warring gangs to become a legend of the city that is unforgiving.

The previously released paid expansion, “Phantom Liberty” introduced a new, even rougher part of town called “Dogtown”. The story will plop you in the middle of a very complex situation involving the president, and an unlikely ally.

It's 50% off on Steam right now at $29.99.

4. Rail Route (Native Linux)

Steam Deck statusVerified ✅

This is one of the games I love. Rail Route is a cool simulation game that lets you build your own railway network from scratch, giving you the tools to manage it all.

Ever since this first hit early access, I had been following their progress closely, and I am glad to say that the developers have not let their community down with the 1.0 release.

It's 35% off on Steam right now at $16.24.

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5. Ready or Not

a screenshot of ready or not

Steam Deck status: Playable 🟡

If you ever were eager to learn how a SWAT unit operates, this game is the one for you! In Ready or Not, you have a single-player campaign where you have to lead a squad of law enforcement officers to handle various law and order situations.

Moreover, there is also a multiplayer mode where you can squad up with friends or random players around the world for a more authentic SWAT experience.

Just remember, check every door and corner before entering, or you will face premature unalive; Trust me, I know. 🥲

It's 33% off on Steam right now at $33.49.


a screenshot of dave the diver

Steam Deck statusVerified ✅

DAVE THE DIVER is a comparatively somber game, where you can do deep-sea exploration, fishing, and even manage a sushi restaurant.

However, beware of the sharks, octopuses, stingrays, and other assorted sea life that may or may not be out to impale you.

It's 30% off on Steam right now at $13.99.

7. No Man's Sky

a screenshot of no man's sky

Steam Deck statusVerified ✅

Go on an endless exploration adventure where you can fight, craft, build and trade.

No Man's Sky has been receiving regular updates with new content since its release, its most recent one is called the “Adrift Expedition”. It has brought about a unique experience for players that will see them explore the universe alone, with no life forms around.

It's 50% off on Steam right now at $29.99.

8. Barotrauma (Native Linux)

a screenshot of barotrauma

Steam Deck statusPlayable 🟡

Pitched as a 2D co-op submarine simulator, Barotrauma combines many elements like survival horror, space, and RPG elements to provide players which wants players to embrace the abyss.

You will have to manage a crew, ensuring no harm comes to them, explore the unknown, and operate complex on-board systems to keep the submarine sunk.

It's 50% off on Steam right now at $17.49.

9. Manor Lords

Steam Deck statusPlayable 🟡

Step into the life of a medieval lord who has to grow their village by promoting resource production, trading, city planning, and, of course, fighting battles to stave off the unruly neighboring rival lords.

It's 25% off on Steam right now at $29.99.

10. Resident Evil 4

a screenshot of resident evil 4

Steam Deck statusVerified

Released as a remake of the classic Resident Evil 4, this game will take you right into the chaos of a secluded European village, where the locals are not quite right.

Your main objective is to rescue the president's daughter, who has been kidnapped and hidden somewhere in the village.

It's 25% off on Steam right now at $29.99.

11. Hogwarts Legacy

a screenshot of hogwarts legacy

Steam Deck status: Verified

Your dreams of attending the prestigious Hogwarts will come true with this game. It is an RPG game that is set years before the Harry Potter saga, in an age of dark wizards, and fantastic beasts.

It's 60% off on Steam right now at $23.99.

12. American Truck Simulator (Native Linux)

a screenshot of american truck simulator

Steam Deck status: Verified

Want to explore the United States of America from the comfort of your home?

Then, you can do so with American Truck Simulator. You can drive around the US in a truck and even run a company!

From what I've seen in my playthroughs, the map design is very realistic and shows the different parts of the country well.

The base game is 90% off on Steam right now at $1.99.

13. Metro Exodus (Native Linux)

a screenshot of metro exodus

Steam Deck status: Playable 🟡

Continue the story of Artyom, flee the shattered ruins of the Moscow Metro and embark on an epic, continent-spanning journey where you face a variety of challenges.

It's 80% off on Steam right now at $5.99.

14. Spider-Man Remastered

Steam Deck status: Verified

Ever wondered how it feels to step into the tights of Spider-Man, fighting off iconic villains such as Doctor Octopus, Kingpin, Taskmaster, and the Sinister Six?

Well, with Sony's Spider-Man, you can. Initially released as a PlayStation exclusive, it was later released for PC with various enhancements, and not to be forgotten is the sequel Spider-Man: Miles Morales (also on discount), which continues the story of Peter Parker, albeit in a different set of circumstances.

It's 40% off on Steam right now at $35.99.

Game Over? No, this list does not represent all the fantastic games discounted on the Steam store for Linux.

You will find massive discounts on several outstanding titles, such as Cities: Skylines, Outlast 2 and more.

And if you like getting games at a discount, try the Humble Bundle membership (partner link). They give many PC games for free every month. Some of those are also supported on Linux!

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