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Bitwarden Now Supports Passkeys on Mobile!

Bitwarden is making good progress with Passkey support.

Bitwarden is one of the best password managers that is open-source and affordable for its premium features. Yet, the competition always remains strong thanks to the likes of KeePassXC and Proton Pass consistently working on their offerings.

Coming off the recent launch of a new open-source authenticator app for smartphones, Bitwarden has wasted no time introducing yet another useful functionality.

This time, the password manager has added support for passkeys on smartphones for all users. So, let's check it out!

Passkeys on Bitwarden Mobile: What to Expect?

Even though the desktop clients for Bitwarden got this feature back in November 2023, the smartphone implementation took some time to ready up, with some work yet to be completed (more on that later), but it is here.

When you save a passkey on Bitwarden, it is stored in an end-to-end encrypted vault synced with your Bitwarden account and any devices where you are logged in.

bitwarden passkeys

I have been using it on my desktop for a while now, and it works great! 😄

If you are not familiar, passkeys are an advanced way of securing your data that is meant to be a replacement for the good old password system. Recently, many organizations, including Big Tech, have been ramping up its adoption due to the many advantages it offers.

It's good to see that the mobile apps for Bitwarden now have passkey functionality, bringing it on par with Proton Pass, which introduced passkey support a few months ago.

How Can You Try It?

You can use passkeys using Bitwarden's mobile app on iOS (iOS 11 or later).

For Android users, you need to sign up for the beta by using the “Join the beta” option on the Play Store to get access to the feature.

It should be available as a stable release for Android in the near future. Moreover, it is limited to Chromium-based web browsers on Android. So, if you are an Android user like me, you might want to wait it out a bit.

You can refer to the official documentation for Android if you want to test out the feature in beta.

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