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Terminal App 'Black Box' 0.14 Release Adds New Color Schemes and Lets You Rename Tabs

Black Box is an impressive terminal app already. It gets more exciting with this update.

Aesthetically pleasing terminal emulator? Black Box is the one you should try among all the other terminal emulators.

It has been under the radar since we covered it last year. It is a GTK4 terminal emulator for Linux that offers a neat user experience.

Even though it's in the early stages of development, Black Box can be an excellent future addition to our list of the best Terminal emulators available for Linux.

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Recently, Black Box received a new release in the form of Black Box 0.14, “The Sandbox Conundrumthat promises many new improvements.

Let's see what this release is all about.

🆕 Black Box 0.14: What's New?

a screenshot of black box

Written primarily in the object-oriented Vala programming language, Black Box is a clean terminal emulator that manages to get the job done quite well.

With the 0.14 release, it has received a few key additions that include:

  • Dedicated Style Switcher
  • A New Tab Menu
  • Ability to Rename Tabs
  • New Hyperlink Options

Dedicated Style Switcher

a screenshot of black box's new style switcher

Black Box now features a new style switcher in the window menu; it allows you to switch between the different window display modes.

Access it via the window menu; it can be found in the top header.

A New Tab Menu

a screenshot of black box's new tab menu

This is a nice UX experience update for users that allows you to manage existing tabs effortlessly. You can move, close, and even rename tabs. More on that below.

Access it by right-clicking on any existing tabs.

Ability to Rename Tabs

a screenshot of black box's new rename tab functionality

Complementing the new tab menu is the rename tab functionality. Users can now rename existing tabs from the tab menu itself.

No more getting confused about which is which! 😆

You can rename tabs by right-clicking on a tab and choosing 'Rename Tab'. A simple but much-needed feature.

a screenshot of black box's new hyperlink options

And finally, there are the new hyperlink options that can be found by right-clicking any URL in the terminal window. It allows for the opening and copying of URLs.

Simply right-click on a URL to access the new hyperlink options.

🛠️ Other Changes and Improvements

Well, that was about it for the highlights of this release. But Black Box also features several improvements and bug fixes that include:

  • Various improvements to the header bar.
  • Black Box now defaults to Adwaita/Adwaita Dark color schemes.
  • More flexibility for customizing the working directory of new tabs.
  • Inclusion of a new 'Close Windows?' dialog, that shows up if any processes are currently running.

You can review the official release notes to learn more about this release.

📥 Get Black Box

You can grab the latest Black Box release from the Flathub store, or you can decide to build it from the source code by visiting its GitLab repo.

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