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3D Software Blender's Official Website Was Down After a Hacking Attempt

A lot of websites get hacked every day – however, it is always inconvenient for a product/service website to be taken down after a hacking attempt.

In some cases, the hackers push malicious files that a user downloads thinking it as an official package just like CCleaner potentially put millions of computers at risk after it was hacked.

Initially, they informed that their website ( was undergoing maintenance after a hacking attempt in a tweet. Now, it looks like it is back online!

Blender.Org Was Under Maintenance

While publishing this, was under maintenance for many hours.

If you are worried about downloading the software, they’ve assured that you can do it safely. The checksums have been verified, and it is completely safe for you to download it to your computer.

Temporarily, the main website and the other pages for features, more information about Blender, and support pages was inaccessible until the maintenance was completed.

Of course, some may not trust downloading the files just yet. So, in that case, you can simply verify the checksums from their download pages after acquiring the binaries.

Most of their other infrastructure that include the wiki, the Blender Network, git repositories, and was still accessible and wasn’t affected after the hacking attempt.

It is also important to note that Blender’s Cloud services wasn’t affected either.

Closing Thoughts

Generally, hackers have an intention behind their attacks. Even though officially acknowledged and informed about a hacking attempt, we still don’t know what exactly was affected and what was the potential motive behind the hack.

Was it just a black hat hacker having fun? Or, was there a malicious intent to put computers at risk through Blender’s software downloads?

It’s very likely that might address the details of the hack through a blog post after completing the maintenance of the site and making sure everything’s safe. I’ll make sure to update this coverage if any other information surfaces online.

What do you think about the hacking attempt on Blender’s official website? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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