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Lightweight Bodhi Linux 6.0 Introduces a New Look with Numerous Other Changes

Bodhi Linux is a lightweight distribution tailored for old systems. With its Moksha desktop, it was a unique experience already.

Now, with a major release after more than a year, Bodhi Linux 6.0 brings in a refreshed look and several improvements across the board.

Let me briefly highlight what’s new in this release.

Bodhi Linux 6.0: What’s New?

Bodhi Linux 5.1 was based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS — so this time it brings in the latest Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release onboard, which automatically gives you all the perks that you get with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

The desktop environment hasn’t changed at its core and continues with development over Enlightenment 17 desktop. Visually, it may not a big makeover, but you will find a new choice of colors and subtle visual improvements.

The announcement mentions more about it:

Our Arc-Green theme underwent a major revamp now featuring an animated background, updated splash screen, and numerous tweaks. The BL6 login screen now features the elegant slick greeter. Naturally, there also is a new Plymouth theme. The Moksha desktop environment has had numerous improvements and a few new features added.

As usual, the ISO file size is as minimum as possible without unnecessary pre-installed tools.

It comes baked in with Linux Kernel 5.4 and also offers a different ISO with Linux 5.8 HWE Kernel from Ubuntu 20.10.

You will only find essential applications like Chromium web browser, Leafpad text editor, Synaptic package manager and more. Also, it is worth noting that Chromium is the default browser.

The release note also mentions a critical fix for Leafpad text editor that lead to data loss previously.

Thunar File Manager has also received important updates to improve the user experience and blend in better with the desktop environment i.e Moksha.

If you need more applications like VLC Media Player, LibreOffice suite, Geany editor, and more pre-installed, you can download the AppPack ISO when you need it.

Download Bodhi Linux 6.0

You can grab the ISO (and can find torrents) from its official download page. You will also find a legacy release that supports 32-bit systems, which is based on Debian.

With a refreshed theme and rebased on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, it looks pretty exciting to me. What do you think about Bodhi Linux 6.0?

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