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Privacy-Focused Brave Browser Plans to Challenge Google With A Private Search Engine

Brave Browser has been quite impressive with its constant developments for privacy-focused users as a Google Chrome alternative.

No wonder why Google could be locking down Chrome to resist the rise of Chromium-based browsers.

Recently, they announced their acquisition of an open-source search engine ‘Tailcat’ by the ex-Devs of Cliqz and shared plans to utilize it to introduce a private Google search alternative.

Yes, we may have several privacy-focused Google search alternatives already. However, with Brave Search, it could be a proper alternative to the offering of Google Chrome + Google Search.

Let me highlight a few details that you might want to know about Brave Search.

Brave Search: A Privacy-Focused Search Engine

Now that privacy is becoming mainstream, a seamless experience of a private search engine on the same Browser should be an interesting option as an alternative to Google Chrome.

Even though we do not have a specific timeline for Brave Search, they have shared some key highlights of their upcoming search engine:

To start with, Brave Search will be completely private and won’t track or profile its users. They pitch it as an idea that’s user-first instead of focusing on Advertising networks.

It won’t be completely ad-free but will offer a choice for an ad-free paid experience or an ad-supported version. The ad-supported version will focus on private advertisements that do not collect any personal information.

They plan to rely on the community and anonymous contributions to improve the search results and the overall experience. Even the page ranking will depend on the community instead of any secret algorithm that should ensure a good quality of indexing results.

Personally, I’d be excited to see how they plan to achieve it. But, if you’re curious, they’ve shared a PDF that explains their community-curated ranking plan.

Not just limited to this, they will also allow other search engines to adopt Brave Search if needed and explore Blockchain-based options for e-commerce uses.

Closing Thoughts

You can sign up to test Brave Search via the waitlist on the official webpage and explore more about it.

Considering that some other brands like Ahref, and Apple are also planning to offer Google search alternatives, it should be exciting to see who succeeds to offer a compelling alternative to compete with Google on a massive scale.

What do you think about Brave Search? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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