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Budgie's Upcoming 10.7 Release Promises These 3 Key Improvements for Linux Users

Budgie 10.7 is packed with valuable improvements. Check them out here.

budgie 10.7

Budgie is a desktop environment designed to keep clutter to a minimum and provide users with a clean/minimal experience.

Back in January 2022, the former-co-lead of Solus, Joshua Strobl left Solus to work on SerpentOS, but he continued to work on Budgie.

So, he forked the project into a new repository and formed the Buddies Of Budgie organization. Three months after that, they released Budgie 10.6.

It was a good release, if not extraordinary.

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Budgie 10.6 is Here as its First Release Under the New Organization
Back in January, ex-co-lead of Solus Joshua Strobl made headlines after leaving Solus to work on SerpentOS. You can read more about it in our original coverage. However, he still wanted to work on the Budgie desktop environment, so he forked the project (in a new repository) and formed the

Moving forward, they have shared the plans for 2023 which include the release of Budgie 10.7.

Joshua Strobl also mentioned more about the plans in the blog post:

At the very least, it should serve as a good foundation to build on and provide a clear picture on where Budgie Desktop is going this year: Budgie 10.x will receive new features, QoL improvements, and fixes. Budgie 11 development will be underway.

Budgie 10.7: What Can You Expect?

The development of Budgie 10.7 has been going on since last year. It was supposed to release in 2022, but more time was required to serve a polished experience.

A lot of work has been done, but some of the notable ones include the following three changes:

  • Updates to Budgie Menu
  • New Budgie Screenshot Tool
  • Improvements to Budgie Run Dialog

Updates to Budgie Menu

budgie 10.7 menu

For this release, Budgie Menu is set to receive several improvements, such as:

  • A new power menu with all the usual options, such as Suspend, Hibernate, Logout, and Power Off.
  • Updated personal user menu with quick XDG directory access. This will let you open a file manager window directly into folders like Home, Documents, Music, etc.
  • Quick access to Budgie Control Center and Desktop Settings.
  • Ability to show various desktop settings from the menu itself.

Budgie Screenshot Tool

budgie 10.7 screenshot tool

Finally, you won't need to download another tool to take a screenshot on Budgie; from 10.7 onwards, it will feature a native screenshot application.

It will have capture support for the screen, window, and even selection capture!

Improvements to Budgie Run Dialog

budgie 10.7 run dialog

The Budgie Run dialog will receive many improvements, such as:

  • A new application indexer will be used for Budgie Menu to find and sort applications. It is supposed to provide a 'predictable fuzzy search experience'.
  • Improved calculation of dialog sizing according to the work area of the monitor.
  • Better styling of labels for application names and descriptions.

Release & Future Plans

According to their announcement, they intend to release Budgie 10.7 sometime in Q1, 2023. They haven't settled for a specific date yet.

A 10.7.1 release with bug fixes has been planned soon after, and the release of Budgie 10.8 in Q2, 2023.

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