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CrossOver 21.1.0 Release Adds GTA V Support on Linux Among Other Enhancements

CrossOver is a paid tool that lets you run Microsoft Windows software on Linux and Mac. In case you did not know, it is built on top of Wine and other open-source software along with their proprietary tools that make it easy to run Windows-only software.

With the latest release, i.e., CrossOver 21.1.0, there are some significant additions for Linux and macOS users.

Here, let me highlight the key changes in this release.

CrossOver 21.1.0: What’s New?

CrossOver 21.1.0 may not be the most significant release yet, but it includes some important changes. Some include:

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V Singleplayer & Online Mode Support

While you can already play GTA V on Linux via Steam Proton (considering its Gold status on ProtonDB), it did not work with CrossOver.

So, if you utilize CrossOver and want to play GTA V on Linux without any configuration hassle with Wine, CrossOver 21.1.0 will let you do that.

You can run GTA V using the standalone Rockstar Games Launcher or Steam.

As per the announcement, both the online and single-player modes are supported with the latest release.

This should be exciting news if you have always wanted to play GTA V using Crossover/Wine.

Restoring Support for Outlook 2016/365

With CrossOver 21.1.0, you can conveniently get back to your emails using Outlook 2016/365 on Linux.

Of course, any email clients for Linux should help if you are no longer interested in using Outlook.

Other Improvements

Along with the two key highlights, CrossOver 21.1.0 also added support for the latest macOS Monterey and added several games for it.

If you are on ChromeOS, the release should result in a smoother experience.

You can also notice improvements to Ubisoft Connect and other game clients to play Windows games on Linux or macOS.

Get CrossOver to Support the Development of WINE

While CrossOver is not precisely a FOSS product, but when you purchase a license for it, they contribute the revenue they make to help with the development of Wine.

They also have a blog post explaining all the details of why CrossOver is paid. In either case, CrossOver is a fantastic tool that lets you run Windows-only software on Linux, Chrome OS, and macOS.

If you utilize multiple platforms but still need access to Windows-only software and games, CrossOver should be a great choice. You can get yourself a license and install it on your system to get started.

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