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Streaming Service Crunchyroll Partially Unblocks Privacy-Focused Email Tutanota

Crunchyroll originally banned signups from users with Tutanota email addresses. Now, it seems to accept one of its domains.

Tutanota is an open-source email service that focuses on providing enhanced privacy and security over traditional platforms.

It is similar to Proton Mail but more affordable for the masses.

However, some users noticed an inconvenience when using Tutanota's email to sign up for Crunchyroll (a popular streaming service for anime and drama).

It did not let them sign up using their Tutanota email. I tried the same, and failed to create an account.

📰 Update: It seems like Crunchyroll is allowing signs up with email addresses using the "" domain. Maybe you can expect other Tutanota domains to work soon.

🚫 Crunchyroll's Idea for Blocking Tutanota Email Addresses

It is understandable that services/platforms cannot accept every email/domain to keep things tidy.

However, Tutanota is not "just another email service". It is a pretty popular privacy-oriented email solution like Proton Mail (affiliate link).

Hence, it is one of our favorites as well.

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So, what was stopping Crunchyroll from accepting Tutanota email for signups?

In a tweet, Tutanota shared the response by Crunchyroll on the matter:

In other words, Crunchyroll believed that many hackers used Tutanota domain emails to hack their accounts, which is why they banned Tutanota from their list.

Moreover, they recommend users to use email accounts powered by "Big Tech" companies for hassle-free sign up to their services.

📢 News flash to Crunchyroll: hackers use all kinds of email platforms. Services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and everything else are constantly subject to abuse by malicious actors, even in 2022.

So, why was Tutanota banned, even though it is a notable platform?

Well, this is not entirely a new phenomenon. DeviantArt actively blocked Proton Mail in the past because spammers used the platform to create accounts. Now, they have unblocked them.

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I guess it takes time for some popular services to acknowledge privacy-respecting email platforms, and find a better way to fight spammers, instead of blocking email addresses users rely on.

Don't let that stop you from using privacy tools to take control of your data.

💡 Tutanota Users: What Can You Do?

If you are fond of Tutanota and Crunchyroll, you can try using email aliases to hide your real email address for using Crunchyroll.

Of course, it is an additional hiccup for folks who dislike email aliases. But, it should be a useful workaround for now. We have an article listing some options that you can use:

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In addition to this, you should also send complaints to Crunchyroll about the block to help unblock it.

I use Crunchyroll too. So, it was disappointing to see the weird response to block/ban Tutanota domains from signing up.

Now that it is accepting some Tutanota email addresses. Maybe, it will accept other Tutanota domains as well.

💬 Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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