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CubyText is a Fast Cross-Platform Open-Source Knowledge Management App in Development

CubyText is a fascinating personal project that you can fork or try as a knowledge management app.

There are several applications that help you note down and organize your thoughts/research or knowledge.

In case you can't recall them, allow me to share a couple of them:

Of course, you can also explore some of the best note-taking applications for the job:

Here Are The Best Note Apps For Linux We Found For You
Notes taking is a good habit. A good note taking application makes the habit even better. Here are some of the best notes apps that you can use on Linux.

However, I came across a personal project by Vincent Chan that offers a Notion-like look with a focus on being a fast and private option.

Note that the developer does not intend it to be a replacement for any commercial projects. It is an experimental app to suit his requirements. Do not expect this to replace any of your favorite apps.

CubyText: An Experimental Knowledge Management App

cuby text

Cuby Text is a free and open-source cross-platform knowledge management app in its early development stage.

📢 The first release for the project went live yesterday (September, 12). So, it is as new as it gets.

You can try it on Linux, macOS, and Windows. A .deb file is available for Linux.

The interesting aspect of the project is its Notion-like user interface with the concept of block editor. The developer built a blocky editor for this tool to be able to organize the content.

cuby text

So, anything you add here is organized in blocks. It supports rich text with markdown shortcuts, so you can easily enhance your notes.

Additionally, you can add tabs to quickly create more notes/keep up with the information at a glance. You can also notice to-do lists in the screenshot above.

Looks interesting, right?

If you are curious, head to its GitHub page and download the appropriate package for your platform to test it out.

💬 What do you think about CubyText as a personal project? Do you want something like this to replace your note-taking knowledge management app?

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