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Deepin becomes the first Linux distro to integrate AI features for Photos and IDE

Deepin Linux taking dibs on AI innovation? Looks like it.

Deepin is a mysteriously beautiful distribution.

Sure, we are all waiting for the time when they make Deepin 23 available as a stable release.

Until then, we hold on to our anticipation 😔

But, wait, there's something interesting in the works, and I think, this would make it worth the wait...

AI features coming to Deepin Linux. You can access it now (deepin V20.9 and above), with an existing installation. However, it should make the future release experience more exciting.

So, what about it? Let me tell you more here.

AI Mix to the Deepin Experience

We already mentioned the integration of AI features as one of our predictions for 2024.

I guess, we can see the future? 😉

Well, it looks like Deepin Linux kicked off 2024 introducing a new IDE, featuring an AI programming assistant.

deepin ide

You can find it listed in the deepin app store. We haven't tried that yet, but that sounds fascinating.

Not just limited to this, they have also started integrating AI features to the photo viewer app via the "Image Viewer AI" plugin.

deepin ai image plugin

You can re-touch or enhance an existing image with the plugin through the image viewer app.

picture coloring deepin

Some of the functions that you can do with it include:

  • Blurred background: reduce the clarity of the image background and make the subject more prominent
  • Delete background: Remove the image background, make the subject independent or replace the new background
  • Hand painting: convert real images into hand-painted comic style
  • 2D Comics: Transform real images into 2D comic style
  • 3D Comics: Transform real images into 3D comic style
  • Sketch: Transform real images into sketch style
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Here's another example of a 2D conversion image:

2d converted image deepin

And, all of this happens locally, on your machine. It does not require active internet connection.

Beyond this, the developers are exploring more ways to incorporate and enhance AI features with the distribution.

💬 What do you think of this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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