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Want to Play Destiny 2 on Steam Deck or Linux? Bungie Will Ban You If You Try

Linux gamers have been hoping to see Destiny 2 work on Linux using Proton or SteamPlay.

This is because BattleEye and other anti-cheat engines announced official support for Proton.

Basically, with the resources available with Bungie (especially now under Sony), it should not be a big deal to enable proton support.

However, as per a tweet, a help page on Bungie’s official site was spotted that denies any support for Destiny 2 on Steam Deck and Proton.

destiny 2 linux

Linux Users Will be Banned For Attempting to Play Destiny 2

Not just the lack of support for Steam Deck and Proton, but Bungie also emphasized that if anyone attempts to bypass Destiny 2 incompatibility, they will be banned from the game.

It sure sounds hostile to me, considering most of the technical difficulties have been met by official anti-cheat engine support.

Why, Bungie?

Considering the user base of Linux users, it made sense for some game developers to ignore official Linux support (or Proton).

Now that Steam Deck is here (powered by Linux) and official anti-cheat support has landed, most of the major game developers have started working on making their games compatible with the console / Proton.

Hence, it is only natural to expect Bungie to support Destiny 2 on Steam Deck.

With all the recent developments with Steam Deck, and Linux gaming, in general, what’s stopping Bungie from supporting Destiny 2 on Linux/Steam Deck?

Oh, did I miss something important? Yes.

Destiny 2 was already playable on Linux when officially ported to Google Stadia.

So, what is the catch here? Honestly, only Bungie can clarify why they cannot support Linux or Steam Deck.

Closing Thoughts

I find Destiny 2 a perfectly suitable game to run on Steam Deck.

But, without official support, and the warning to get a ban would keep numerous players from trying Destiny 2 on Steam Deck or Linux desktop.

Other games, like Fortnite, do not support Steam Deck. However, they clarified that it is due to the lack of confidence in the effectiveness of anti-cheat engines on Linux.

Only if we could get more explanation for Destiny 2…

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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