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Aircove VPN Router by ExpressVPN is Now Available in Canada

ExpressVPN makes its VPN router available in more countries.

Occasionally, we cover news that matters to a privacy-conscious user. And, VPNs are a part of it, even if it's not all we talk about here.

Aircove is an interesting product by ExpressVPN, which is a router with built-in VPN.

You do not have to go through the hassles of checking compatibility, and figuring out steps to configure your router for a VPN. If you are already an ExpressVPN user, you can get the Aircove router, and that's it.

Not to forget, ExpressVPN supports Linux platform.

While it was already available internationally in many countries like the UK, Sweden, Croatia, Malta, Poland, etc., it finally made a debut in Canada. A bit late to the party, nevertheless, good news for VPN users.

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Aircove for Seamless VPN Connection

expressvpn aircove

Of course, the VPN router may not feature anything groundbreaking compared to other powerful routers in our household. But, the convenience of the VPN connection, easy toggles, and customization options are the selling points of such a product.

Moreover, with Aircove, it will be easier to assign different locations to connected devices, and get an enhanced VPN experience across the network.

You get parental control features, the option to group devices, and Wi-Fi 6 tech for a wider/faster network coverage.

aircove expressvpn controls

And, all of that, you get to do it via your mobile as well, not limited to a computer.

The screenshot above shows the entire feature-set and user interface for Aircove controls.

You should not feel challenging to use the VPN router at all.

On the new availability, ExpressVPN also mentions that the router supports DTLS 1.3—an industry-first VPN protocol, providing the most advanced level of security and performance.

So, if you are interested in getting your hands on ExpressVPN's Aircove, you can head to the ExpressVPN's official site and navigate to its Aircove router product.

In either case, you can find it on Amazon (not an affiliate link) and use 25AIRCOVECA discount code to get 25% off until January 31, 2024.

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