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/e/, Fairphone, and a Few European Companies Join to Launch 'FairTEC' Promoting Ethical Smartphone Solutions

A few European companies like /e/ and Fairphone who promote open-source technologies have joined forces to start ‘FairTEC‘, which is a collective to create sustainable and ethical integrated smartphone solutions.

Other companies involved include TeleCoop, WEtell, and the ethical broadband/mobile provider Phone Co-op.

With the help of FairTEC, they aim to give users the total control over their choice of sustainable smartphone options with an ethical choice of mobile network and operating system.

FairTEC: Promoting Sustainable Technology Solutions

Just like how Fairphone was successful in providing updates for more than 2-3 years to extend the life of a smartphone, the collective focuses on making the consumers aware about the ethical choices and helps them decide.

Especially, amid the pandemic, when almost everyone relies on technology to stay connected and work, learning about available sustainable tech is essential in the long run.

The press release by /e/ mentions more about it:

In the wake of the pandemic, people have become increasingly reliant on technology, yet the majority are unaware of the negative societal and environmental impact of their digital dependence. In turn, large global conglomerates are promising a greener future, when they should act now to offer solutions and services that limit the industry’s impact and support behavioural change today. For many, fairer technology isn’t just about devices or software, but it is also about more sustainable business models that not only protect user data but the environment.

Fair enough — the ethical technology not just aims to reduce the impact on the environment, it also provides significant privacy benefits to the users.

In other words, FairTEC wants you to:

  • Choose smartphones that are easily repairable and last years with longer software support
  • Choose an operating system like /e/OS that gives you total control and respects your privacy
  • Opt for a mobile network service that is transparent, fair, and focuses on user security
  • Save money by increasing the lifetime of your smartphones

I bet almost everyone in their right mind would want these — but eventually, finding the right solutions to achieve this is a difficult task.

That’s where FairTEC can make a difference.

All you have to do is visit the FairTEC website and explore through the options with transparent details on your choice of smartphone, operating system, mobile network, and more.

Do note that this is limited to UK, France, and Deutschland.

Sounds good to me, what do you think about this initiative?

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