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Raspberry Pi 4 Support Confirmed for Fedora Linux 37

Fedora Linux is well-suited for desktops with its workstation edition. And, if you want it for a server or IoT requirements, you also have the Fedora ARM project.

It also supports Raspberry Pi boards, except for the recent Raspberry Pi 4 (released in 2019).

Initially, with a proposed change, we hoped to get support for it in Fedora Linux 37.

Update (Aug 3, 2022): The addition of Raspberry Pi 4 support has been officially approved by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee, as spotted by Phoronix.

Raspberry Pi 4 Support With Fedora: Finally!

Of course, Raspberry Pi boards were not the focus of Fedora Linux.

But, what was the hold-up for the lack of support initially?

The lack of accelerated graphics and a few missing features did not make it convenient to add support for it.

Now, with upstream work on newer Linux Kernel and Mesa on bringing graphics acceleration for Raspberry Pi 4, it lets them enable the support for it.

The proposed change document mentioned:

Upstream now supports accelerated graphics using the V3D GPU for both OpenGL-ES and Vulkan. There’s also enhancement to wired networking with support for PTPv2 on the CM4/4B.

Additionally, not just introducing support for Raspberry Pi 4, some of the proposed changes also involve improvements to the Raspberry Pi 3 series and the Zero 2 W.

So, it should be an exciting change with Fedora 37 along with all the other potential upgrades with Fedora’s next upgrade for its workstation edition.

Note that the support for Wi-Fi on Raspberry Pi 400 is not a part of this process, but testing for audio support will be a part of this change.

Of course, as of now, it is still in its testing phase. So, we can keep an eye on Fedora 37 release to check how it works on Raspberry Pi 4.

What do you think about supporting Raspberry Pi 4 on Fedora Linux 37? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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