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Feren OS 2021.10 Release Introduces a New Firefox Configuration and UI Improvements

Feren OS is a Linux/GNU distribution based on Ubuntu.

The latest 2021.10 release, codenamed ‘Gallium’, presents new features and changes. Let’s take a look at them.

Feren OS 2021.10: What’s New?

A New Configuration For Mozilla Firefox

Feren OS 2021.10 aims to offer a hassle-free Mozilla web browsing experience by removing the unnecessary elements of the browser.

For new users, Mozilla Firefox comes pre-installed with a new configuration. Things like removing the title bar from Mozilla Firefox, getting rid of distractions in a new tab, are some of the configurations made.

Overall, these are the changes made to Firefox:

  • Compact Mode and no title bar by default
  • No Pocket by default
  • The Library is now in the toolbar (as was intended by Mozilla themselves during early Proton design ideas) instead of Pocket’s button
  • Skipped Welcome Screens to allow you to get right into the action

If you have never launched Firefox (or have a fresh install of Feren OS), you will get the configuration out-of-the-box. In either case, you will have to install the firefox-config-feren package from the web browser manager.

New Splash Screen

The new update comes with a redesigned splash screen. As a consequence, now it looks smoother and more elegant, especially when transitioning from the login screen to the desktop.

Refreshed Lock Screen

The new lock screen is a mixture of the Feren OS login screen’s design style and KDE plasma’s lock screen features.

Feren OS 2021.10 Lock Screen

As a result, it combines elegance and functionality. From the lock screen, you will have access to your music, a virtual keyboard, and more.

Feren OS 2021.10 Login Screen

New Wallpapers

With every new release, you can notice some new wallpapers. And, Feren OS 2021.10 is no exception.

Some interesting wallpapers have been added from sources like Unsplash and some were removed.

Upgrading & Downloading

You should be easily able to get the new update from the update manager. In case you run into issues, you can refer to the official blog post for a solution to fix the most common problem encountered when updating.

For more details on this release, refer to the official announcement.

Download Feren OS 2021.10

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