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Fractal 6: Linux Matrix Messaging App Adds Notification Settings and Improvements

Fractal 6 upgrade is here for Matrix users!

Fractal is one of the best Matrix clients available right now that has been seeing plenty of updates in recent times.

Working on the plans that they announced with the Fractal 5 release, the developers have made good on their commitment by improving every aspect of the app.

Now, the next upgrade for Fractal is here with further refinements.

🆕 Fractal 6: What's New?

a screenshot of fractal 6

At first glance, you may not find any major changes; however, there are many important ones under the hood.

Take for instance the notification settings, they have been given an update with now users being able to set global and per-room notifications. There is also an option to get notifications for specific keywords.

a screenshot of fractal 6 notification settings

For encrypted rooms, users can access the media history for finding previously uploaded photos and videos without any fuss. The “Join Room” dialog now shows a helpful preview when you enter an identifier or URI.

Seeing that we are on the topic, it is now possible to open Matrix URIs with Fractal thanks to this release; it is also a registered handler for the matrix scheme. If you didn't know, URIs are identifiers that allow you to easily get in touch with other users or join rooms, similar to what you find on platforms like Telegram.

The room members now have a neat looking profile page that can be used to see a brief bio about the profile, moderation options such as kick/ban, and even the ability to ignore them; so that you don't get to see any messages or invitations from them.

a screenshot of fractal 6 showing a user profile

In line with that, users can now easily manage their “Ignored Users” list from the account settings page that can be accessed by clicking on the cogwheel icon near the profile icon.

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To wrap this up, there are many other improvements, fixes and new translations that I have not covered here. For that, I highly suggest you go through the official release notes.

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📥 Download Fractal 6

Fractal 6 is available from the Flathub store, you can also go through its GitLab repo if you are interested in diving into the source code.

💬 Do you use Fractal? Do you have some other alternatives in mind? Let us know!

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