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FSF Affirms that RMS is not Going Anywhere, Come What May

Sponsors withdrawn, management team resigned but the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is determined to keep its founder Richard Stallman on board.

Soon after Richard Stallman issued an apology, FSF released a statement on the election of Richard Stallman. It’s clear that both the apology and the statement had been prepared well in advance and published almost at the same time.

The voting members of the Free Software Foundation, which include the board of directors, voted to appoint Richard Stallman to a board seat after several months of thorough discussion and thoughtful deliberation.

There is an ‘explanation’ on why FSF decided to keep Richard Stallman on board and not everyone is going to like that reasoning.

We decided to bring RMS back because we missed his wisdom. His historical, legal and technical acumen on free software is unrivaled. He has a deep sensitivity to the ways that technologies can contribute to both the enhancement and the diminution of basic human rights. His global network of connections is invaluable. He remains the most articulate philosopher and an unquestionably dedicated advocate of freedom in computing.

The surprise return announcement of Stallman in a LibrePlanet conference talk was blamed on a “planned flow of information that was not executed in a timely manner”. FSF keeps emphasizing Stallman’s vision and thinking throughout the statement.

While his personal style remains troubling for some, a majority of the board feel his behavior has moderated and believe that his thinking strengthens the work of the FSF in pursuit of its mission … We believe his views will be critical to the FSF as we advance the mission and confront the challenges that software freedom faces.

FSF promises to improve transparency and accountability.

FSF statement leaves people divided, again!

Clearly, the statement is not going to be welcomed by people who were not happy with Stallman’s return.

Some people still want to see him go.

Current President of Open Source Initiative is clearly not happy:

Suggestion for boycotting GPL licenses were also made:

Let FSF go into oblivion:

This one was witty:

As with anything, people are in support of FSF decision as well.

Not everyone likes the “double standards regarding free speech” in the USA.

Are you with FSF on this decision or against it? Feel free to voice your opinion.

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