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Fudgie? The Awesome Budgie Desktop is Coming to Fedora Linux Soon

In recent times, Red Hat’s community project, Fedora, has gained quite a decent userbase. While GNOME is the default choice of desktop here, Fedora also offers a variety of other desktop environments in the form of Fedora Spins.

This means that you can enjoy an out of box experience of KDE, MATE, Xfce and a few other desktop environments with Fedora without additional effort. Do you prefer KDE instead of GNOME? Download the KDE spin of Fedora and install it like your regular Fedora installation.

The one desktop offering missing from Fedora Spins is Budgie desktop.

Budgie going independent

The Budgie desktop was introduced with the Solus Linux project circa 2014. There has been some regressional development with the Solus and Budgie project lately. The Budgie project is now independent of the Solus Linux.

Ever since its first release, Budgie garnered a niche following. Its modern layout approach is liked by many Linux users. This is the reason why many other major Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Manjaro, openSUSE started offering Budgie variants.

Budgie 10.6
A split-screen of Budgie desktop in EndeavourOS

Fedora hasn’t had Budgie in its offering so far but that could be changing in the next release of Fedora.

Budgie submitted for inclusion in Fedora

Joshua Strobl, the lead developer of the Budgie project, announced the news in a Reddit post.

I have now submitted Budgie Desktop and its microcosm of software (Budgie Control Center, Budgie Screensaver, Budgie Desktop View) for inclusion in Fedora, starting with rawhide (37) and backporting to 36. This will be maintained / supported “officially”, as I am using Fedora Silverblue + rawhide on my work laptop and will be switching my desktop over to Fedora Silverblue as well.

Joshua Strobl, Lead Developer of Budgie

This means that if the package is approved by the Fedora’s team, you should be able to install Budgie and some Budgie elements in Fedora 37 and hopefully in Fedora 36.

But that’s not the end of the story. Joshua mentions that he is also considering to introduce and support an official Fedora Spin of Budgie desktop. Meaning people will be able to download an ISO of Fedora preloaded with Budgie desktop instead of GNOME.

It’s not clear if he speaks of official Fedora Spin or a new unofficial Fedora variant named ‘Fudgie’, which is completely maintained by him.

Fedora + Budgie is a good news

In any case, the Budgie desktop coming to Fedora is good news. It gives more options to the Fedora user and Budgie is a pretty sleet desktop. People who like both Fedora and Budgie should be able to enjoy the best of the both worlds.

I hope you agree with me. I let you share your view in the comment section.

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