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Say Cheese to the Future: Snapshot is GNOME's Next-Gen Camera App

A new GNOME camera app starts sailing to replace the classic Cheese utility.

A new app has been accepted into GNOME's Incubator Group, i.e., Snapshot.

The first preview release for Snapshot is out, making it an excellent candidate to replace Cheese, the current GNOME webcam app for Linux users.

Let's take a quick look at it.

'Incubator' group contains projects set to be part of GNOME Core and GNOME Development tools, signifying that this might someday make it into a GNOME release.

🆕 Snapshot: What is it?

a screenshot of gnome's snapshot app

As I mentioned earlier, it is a camera app for GNOME. Written in the memory-safe Rust programming language, it offers a very minimal set of features.

Designed with mobile devices and traditional desktops/laptops in mind, Snapshot has a neat user interface with all the valuable options.

As for the features, it has just about what you would expect from such an app.

It has a 'Countdown' feature allowing you to set a timer for clicking photos or videos, with a few timing choices.

a screenshot of the countdown timer on gnome's snapshot app

Then there is the ability to disable the shutter sounds in the app by heading over to the preferences menu.

a screenshot of the preferences menu in gnome's snapshot app

Snapshot also has a decent gallery view inside the app, letting you view the clicked photos/videos and share or access them using different programs.

Did you find Snapshot very feature-lacking?

I don't know about you, but I did.

But, of course, sometimes, simple is better. With GNOME apps, it is usually the case.

It won't replace GNOME's existing camera app, 'Cheese' anytime soon. But as the development progresses, they might add some exciting features.

To know more, you can keep an eye on  This Week in GNOME blog to check the development updates on Snapshot and other GNOME apps.

📥 Get Snapshot

You can get the app from the Flathub store, and explore its source code on GitLab.

💬 What do you think? Will Snapshot replace Cheese as the default camera app on GNOME for you?

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