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A Simple Open-Source Productivity Timer App for Android

Keep yourself focused, get rid of distractions, and time your work.

Good utilities help us become more productive. Whether it is an app or a gadget, everything serves a special purpose, if we want it to be utilized (and you have the self-discipline to do that).

Similarly, there are tons of applications geared towards achieving peak productivity. However, in all that noise, we often forget, simple tools work the best, and it is an undeniable fact.

Sure, a simple tool may not do a lot for you, but it does what it aims to help you do.

Goodtime, the minimalist pomodoro timer, is one such app for Android users.

Goodtime: Minimalist Pomodoro Timer

goodtime app screenshot

Goodtime is a free and open-source pomodoro timer app with simple and effective techniques to clock your time, look at your progress, and help you stay focused.

There is not much to the user interface, you just use a couple of gestures to stop/start the timer, and increase the time or take a break.

For instance, tap on the timer to start. You can also get to stop it from the notification area.

To start with, you can tweak the timer duration to set an ideal time for work and break, as per your requirements. When the timer gets over, it notifies you with an alarm to take a break, and then can auto-start the timer again without user intervention (if the feature is enabled).

You continue using it, and then track your progress with the statistics, and evaluate how you have managed your time so far. A good feature to promote self-discipline.

goodtime screenshot

While it is a free app, some features can be unlocked for a pro subscription (which is a one-time fee of 200 INR). I think that is a fair deal to support the development.

The pro features include:

  • Adding labels
  • Screensaver mode
  • Backup export/import statistics
  • Customizable notification sound
  • Visual notification
  • Manual session addition and the ability to edit them
goodtime android pro features

The app shows you the gestures you need to use when you launch the app for the first time. So, you do not have to be confused about how to use it. It is pretty easy from there.

Download and Install Goodtime

Goodtime is available on the Google Play StoreF-Droid, and GitHub.

💭 What do you think about this pomodoro timer app? A better utility that you would recommend for boosting productivity on Android? Let me know in the comments!

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