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Dear Google, When is the Linux Support for Google Drive Arriving?

Google Drive is a popular cloud storage solution that offers convenient features and often a reliable choice for many consumers out there.

It is also the default choice for many Android smartphone users to store their photos or phone backups. Not to forget, WhatsApp (the most popular instant messenger) also lets you back up your chats and media to Google Drive.

Google Drive also offers competitive regional pricing, which makes it easy for users in developing countries to use cloud storage.

I think it is safe to say that it is the best choice for many users across multiple platforms. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

But it is not available for Linux—bummer.

Google Made a promise nine Years Ago

I did not make this post to ask Google to consider Linux as a significant platform (don’t we know that already?), but to remind them about the promise they made.

In a Google+ thread back in 2012, a lot of users were demanding the availability of Google Drive for Linux.

Of course, I cannot point you to the dead link, considering that Google killed the Google+ platform.

You can find a link from Android Police’s coverage in 2012, but it is not available in the web archive either.

So the only proof we have are the old coverage from the news outlets back then.

Why Google Drive for Linux is Essential Today

Let’s face it: the adoption of Linux as a platform for desktop was not popular a decade back.

Not to forget, online learning was not as accessible as it is today.

So, more eyes on Linux as a desktop platform and even more students/learners exploring Linux for a career.

No matter whether it is a part of a promotion drive or as a professional requirement, Linux as a desktop choice has a wider reach than ever before.

Especially amid the pandemic, some even chose Linux for their existing desktops by opting for lightweight Linux distributions.

I do not mean that Windows/Mac as your platform is not a wise choice, but there are endless reasons some users prefer Linux for their desktop as well. Unfortunately, without an official Google Drive client for Linux, many desktop users end up using a different operating system.

With that said, Google Drive is one of the essential online services used by millions to store and share files.

But what’s stopping Google (a trillion-dollar company) to develop a basic Google Drive desktop client for Linux?

I understand that Google was not interested in developing a Google Drive client for Linux years back. Now, there are plenty of users on Linux platform. Moreover, I’m sure some Linux users must be also using G Suite for work or the premium plans for more storage. So what is the hold up here?

Current Unofficial Options to Sync Google Drive in Linux

Until Google wakes up, you have to rely on some unofficial options. Yes, there are great tools as standalone clients, but you will have to pay for them.

Some of the available options are Insync, Expandrive, and few more.

Of course, you can also use Rclone to sync your cloud drive if you’re willing to take some time configuring it.

Closing Thoughts

You may disagree with me that an official Google Drive is not essential, but I believe it can help with two things:

  • Encouraging users to pick Linux as a daily driver
  • Empower the current Linux users to opt using Google Drive without hassle

Hence, I thought of writing something about it through our platform. What do you think about it?

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