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HP is Launching Ubuntu Powered Computers for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Enthusiasts

Linux and Data Science are two of the most in-demand and rapidly growing technologies these days. HP is combining them both. In a recent announcement, HP revealed its plan to offer Ubuntu powered laptop with data science software preloaded.

  • Some of the models in HP’s high-performance Z computer series will have Ubuntu 20.04 preinstalled.
  • A collection of development Data Science tools will also be preinstalled.
  • Z workstations are certified by Canonical, parent company of Ubuntu.
  • You can get the selected models

Here are the details.

Z by HP Data Science Software

Z by HP’s Data Science Software preload is a collection of the most popular data science tools
critical for data scientists, data analysts, and students which will be made available on select HP mobile workstations and notebooks.

HP’s Data Science Software Solution hopes to provide an out-of-box experience for users in the field of Data Science. This way, users would be training data models in minutes after booting their PC, instead of unnecessarily spending days finding and installing all the required tools.

Z By Hp Data Science Software

The Data Science Software preload consists of various data science libraries, popular developer tools, docker support, command-line access to major cloud platforms including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Machine learning libraries include Tensorflow, Pytorch, and more. The stack also includes popular developer tools such as Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, and Git.

High-performance Z series by HP

Hp Z Performance

Z by HP Data Science Software preload is available on select HP Z4, HP Z6, HP Z8 desktop
workstations and is expected in HP ZBook Studio G7 and HP ZBook Create G7 by the end of

The Z Series consists of high performance focused systems. The data workstations are fully integrated with NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs and accelerated CUDA-X AI libraries.

The preloaded data software working environment to more HP systems by 2021.

Lenovo, Dell and HP are offering Linux systems

Ubuntu Hp

HP engaged in a partnership with Canonical to extensively test and certify the performance of their workstation running on the latest Ubuntu version. And HP is not the only one doing that.

Lenovo also partnered with Ubuntu and Fedora to provide certified systems. Certified systems mean that Ubuntu/Fedora team collaborated with the HP/Lenovo team to test the hardware with the Linux distributions. Thus, you can expect the best possible performance on these certified Linux systems.

Dell has been providing Ubuntu preloaded on its systems for a long time and in fact, it was one of the first major manufacturer to do so.

It is good to see that HP is also providing Linux preloaded systems even if it is focused on developers and engineers.

Written by Arish V. and edited by Abhishek Prakash

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