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A New Web Browser For P2P Internet Experience With Secure Messaging and Bitcoin Lightning Network

An open-source browser that promises P2P decentralized internet experience with bitcoin integration.

P2P services for chat, video calls, and document editing are not yet mainstream.

However, the idea for a P2P connection provides better control over the data and security and prevents censorship.

Impervious browser is an exciting initiative that gives you access to P2P tools and a decentralized experience. The tools include:

  • End-to-end encrypted chat.
  • Encrypted P2P video and audio calls.
  • Live Docs.

Additionally, it supports the Bitcoin lightning network, which facilitates instant Bitcoin transactions. If you are a fan of cryptocurrency integrations, this could sound interesting, or it's just another fancy addition for most common users.

Impervious Browser: How Does it Work?

Technically, the browser is a customized Mozilla Firefox experience. So, you can expect the same features and capabilities.

The browser relies on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), i.e., decentralized digital IDs, to verify a person or connect with them.

impervious DID
Digital Identity

You can find the DID from the settings, which you can share with anyone on the web to add you as a contact.

Once you do that, you can send a message, initiate a video call, and collaborate with the live document feature for any work.

Connection Request with a contact

And this is what a conversation looks like:

For users fond of Bitcoin transactions, you can utilize the Lightning network for super-fast payments while in a video call or message conversation.

You need to connect to a lightning node to use the functionality. If you do not have one, Impervious supports creating a Voltage Lightning Node.

I haven't tried it. So, if you are someone who uses cryptocurrency and appreciates the integration while collaborating with people through Impervious's P2P network, it should be a seamless experience.

Download Impervious

Impervious is in the Alpha stage. You can download it but it may not work as you would expect.

The Impervious browser is available for Linux and macOS (M1/Intel). They intend to release a Windows build soon.

You can download the latest build from its GitHub releases section or head to its official website.

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