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No More Windows! Indian Defense Services are Switching to Linux 🦾

Indian govt offices to use Linux distribution replacing Microsoft Windows.

In the past, we have seen governments trying to switch to Linux for their administration needs. But, that usually comes with its own set of challenges, ranging from interoperability, all the way to training the end-users.

And as it turns out, the Indian government is all set to take up that challenge once again by implementing an internally developed Linux distro.

Allow me to take you through this endeavor.

What's Happening: According to a recent report, the Defence Ministry of India has decided to replace Windows with an in-house developed Linux distro called 'Maya' on all computers that are connected to the Internet.

While details are very slim on this distro, we know that it is based on Ubuntu and has been developed locally within a very short 6-month period.

On this, an unnamed official from the Defence Ministry had this to add:

Maya has the interface and all functionality like Windows and users will not feel much difference as they transition to it.

That does sound promising because many users find it difficult to adapt to a new interface that's not like Windows. This should, in theory, help them adapt to a Linux distro faster.

Why it Matters: Well, you see, India, like most countries, has to face cyberattacks on a daily basis. Those range from malware attacks, all the way to ransomware attacks, which have affected critical infrastructure in the past.

Maya was specifically developed as a way to deter such attacks on critical infrastructure, and it also features an 'endpoint detection and protection system' called 'Chakravyuh', the details of which are yet to be ascertained.

When to Expect: Initially, Maya will be installed on all internet-connected computers in the South Block of the Secretariat Building in New Delhi.

That block houses important offices such as the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Defence, and the Ministry of External Affairs.

But, the Ministry of Defence will be the first one to get Maya, the official directive has already gone live, with an August 15 deadline.

It is good to see that more and more governments are pushing for the use of Linux across critical administration agencies. And, this certainly is a big push in India 🤯

In the case of India, the state of Tamil Nadu had previously decided to switch to another homegrown Linux distro called 'BOSS Linux' for their administrative needs, and that had received appreciation from many.

I am looking forward to seeing how Maya performs, and if we can see it implemented for more common uses across the government.

Via: The Hindu

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