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Cloud Storage Service Internxt Has a Photos Feature as a Google Photos Alternative

Internxt is an open-source encrypted cloud service with a native Linux client. Our older article explaining its cloud storage service can be an interesting read if you did not know about it.

Initially, we focused on their cloud storage offering. And, it seems like we missed out on another product “Photos” that was unveiled by them last month in a tweet.

Internxt Photos pitches itself as an open-source Google Photo alternative with privacy and security in mind.

The post includes an affiliate link for Internxt. If you get a subscription through our link, we get a commission, and you get to support us at no extra cost to you.

Internxt Photos with Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Internxt Photos claims that it puts privacy and security at its core compared to some competitors in the industry.

While respecting user privacy, they also try to offer the basic features that help you easily organize the photos you upload to the service.

Note that the Photos service is included with the cloud storage subscription. Unlike Google’s offering, there are no separate pricing plans for just storing the Photos.

Likewise, you need to rely on the same Internxt app to access your Photo gallery.

You should not have anything to worry about considering the Internxt app is available on the Google Play Store, and the App Store as well.

The photos you upload to the gallery get synced across multiple devices. So, even if you do not have access to one of your devices, it should not be a problem.

The look of the photo gallery seems inspired by Apple’s Photos app, but that’s a good approach for simplicity and usability. The Photos also provide you the ability to share photos with your friends and family using a link. You can also customize the link to tweak the open limit to control access to your shared links.

Considering it as an open-source encrypted alternative with a primary cloud storage offering to mainstream Photo storage services, does this sound like something interesting to you?

You can get started using our link to the product page to explore more about it and get started. The GitHub page can also be useful if you’re curious.

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