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We are Hiring!

Want to join our team and let the world know about the latest Linux and Open-Source news? You have the opportunity now.

Job title: Tech journalist (to cover Linux news)

This is a full-time, remote job for an individual (not an agency). You’ll be tasked to cover news articles related to desktop Linux and open-source software.


  • New age tech Journalist with focus on mobile-first journalism
  • Keen interest in everything tech and passion for Linux and open source 
  • Good writing & editing skills, as well as the ability to adopt the style, tone & voice of our brand
  • Ability to identify a developing story (from Linux project websites and forums) and cover it timely
  • Knowledge of basic graphic creation tools like Canva is a plus

Apply if you:

  • have knowledge of (desktop) Linux and keep yourself updated with Linux and open source related news
  • have good command over the English language
  • are familiar with WordPress
  • can quickly write news in your own words with insights wherever required and possible
  • can write your opinion on things that matter to Linux users

Geographical location preference

We prefer that the candidate is from India though it is not mandatory. No, we don’t dislike people from other countries but there are valid reasons for that.

Our core team is based in India and it is easier to communicate if members are in the same time zone.

We want to pay you a decent beginner’s salary. We are not a rich publisher. The cost of living is not the same in all the countries and you already know it. Paying even a modest US annual salary of $50,000 won’t be feasible for us. It’s way out of our budget.

Work hours and salary

You are expected to work 30 hours a week. That’s an estimation for the work hour.

Preferable work hour is 9 to 6 (IST) because that’s when the content team is most active and communication will be quicker.

You’ll get INR 21,000 for the first two months of probation. The salary then increases to INR 25,000 a month.

How to apply?

Needless to say that the content have to be original. We don’t tolerate copy-paste articles in any form. If you found copying paragraphs from other website or using some AI tools to write the content, you’ll be forced to leave the team immediately.

If you have already written for other websites or your own website, please provide URLs of your published work. If not, you may require to submit a sample article of 300 words (will be discussed).

You can show your interest in writing for It’s FOSS News by sending an email to [email protected] with “Application for tech journalist” as the subject of the mail.

I would encourage if you share some interesting ideas on what kind of news It’s FOSS should cover in your application.

Do bear in mind that this is not an opportunity for guest post and link building activity. No such entries will be entertained.