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Kalendar Beta v0.3.0 Introduces a Windows Version Along With Essential Improvements

Kalendar is KDE’s open-source calendar app that is still in development as of now. It could potentially replace the calendar that you get with KOrganizer.

There have been a few beta releases already. But, with the 0.3.0 beta release, it looks like the Kalendar app might be gearing up to add essential features while heading to its v1.0 release.

Furthermore, an exciting development follows—a Windows version is also available?

Let us take a look at it.

Kalendar 0.3.0: What’s New?

Kalendar 0.3.0 beta release is already out, and Claudio Cambra (KDE Developer) has shared the details of development progress in a blog post. Here, I mention the key highlights of the release.

Performance Improvements

KDE’s applications have always been known for their simplicity and performance.

And, Kalendar is no exception. The latest beta release has been tweaked to make the application clean and simple.

By default, you will not be shown week numbers when you are in the month view. Similarly, the tasks will be arranged in ascending order.

These types of default configurations should save you time and simplify the user experience.

Usability Improvements

To make things easier, you can now drag and drop an event in the Kalendar app to resize or extend the time.

The ability to edit an event has also been improved by letting you simply double-clicking on it to bring up the editor.

It is now also easier to refresh the calendars using the F5 key.

In addition to all these, Kalendar 0.3.0 also lets you quickly add time duration in a 15-minute multiple.

Visual Improvements

There aren’t any major visual changes, but the developers have worked on a few subtle differences.

Some changes include highlighting the time when creating an event and adding new heading sections to improve the tasks’ clarity and categories.

A Windows Version

Even though the Kalendar app hasn’t been finalized, it is still good to have an open-source calendar app from KDE available on Windows.

As per the developer’s blog, a Windows version was possible because of the flexibility of Qt, the KFrameworks, and Akonadi.

If you are interested, you can download the package for Windows, but it is still considered experimental.

Other Improvements

Along with all the key highlights and an interesting Windows release, Kalendar 0.3.0 beta release also improves the keyboard navigation and other accessibility features.

There are several bug fixes as well. You can explore all the technical details in the blog post by the KDE Developer.

What do you think about the Kalendar app coming to Windows? Have you tried it on Linux yet?

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