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You Can Now Use KDE Connect in Windows as Well

KDE Connect is a popular open-source tool that lets you share a connection between a phone and your computer.

While it was always limited to the Linux platform, it looks like that it is coming to Windows after all.

And, cross-platform availability of software is always a good thing.

What is KDE Connect?

In case you are coming across it for the first time—KDE connect lets you share files, links, sync notifications, gives you the ability to reply to messages, and more.

You can also choose to control your desktop and perform some custom commands remotely. And, you can also use your phone to control the volume/skip the music playing on your computer.

KDE Connect Available as Beta in Microsoft Store

As per a Reddit thread posted a few weeks back, a KDE contributor mentions that the beta version is available from the Microsoft Store.

However, it is only accessible through the private link and cannot be found when you search for it in the Microsoft Store.

This also marks official support for Windows.

KDE Connect for Windows: Here’s How it Looks

You just need to make sure that both of your devices are connected to the same network.

Next, all you have to do is pair them and then start sharing files/links, browse your phone, and also get notifications.

You can choose to tweak some of the options that include storage paths for shared images or change the sound to play when you try to ring the device.

As you can notice here, you have a variety of options to make use of.

I tried connecting my Android device for a while, and it worked just fine. You may want to explore more to learn what else you can do with it.

Why is it Good News for Windows Users?

Undoubtedly Windows users already had plenty of options to achieve the same functions without KDE Connect. But with KDE connect onboard, it will finally provide the opportunity to use an open-source and privacy-friendly tool that they can pair their devices with.

After all, you would not want your notifications, and links/files that you share to be spied upon by a shoddy third-party application.

In that case, KDE Connect is your friend.

Even though it is in beta right now. You can try it out by visiting the link and installing it from the Microsoft store.

Via: Omg!Ubuntu!

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