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KDE Plasma Gearing Up for its Next Release With Qt6-only Master Branch

The master branch for Plasma is switching to Qt 6. It is time to wait for KDE Plasma 6!

KDE is firing up development for the Plasma 6.0 release in a big way.

Seeing that KDE Plasma 5.27 was the last major release in the 5.x series and also the last one to use the Qt 5 framework. The upcoming release has a lot to stand up to.

With a recent notice, a significant development shift was announced that would affect all the upcoming KDE Plasma 6.x releases.

Let me take you through it.

What is happening?: The master branch for the Plasma repos was made Qt 6-only, seeing that Plasma 5.27 has already been shipped.

Though as a result, they are expecting some disruption to happen. Nicolas Fella, from KDE, has mentioned that:

There will be disruption because of this. While we aim for getting a
basic workspace running as soon as possible non-essential functionality
might be broken for a while.
Existing kdesrc-build setups will be switched to building Plasma from
the Plasma/5.27 branch to keep things building with Qt5. Make sure your
.kdesrc-buildrc contains "branch-group kf5-qt5".

He has also said that; people can build the Qt6/master version by referring to the 'kf6-qt6' branch group.

You may go through the official announcement to dive deeper.

If you were wondering what is so special about Qt 6? Allow me to highlight the following:

Qt is a cross-platform application development framework that has seen great success over the years.

With Qt 6, KDE Plasma has much to gain as the framework contains modern libraries/APIs, a new graphics architecture, better HiDPI support, and more.

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When to expect?: Currently, there is no official release schedule for KDE Plasma 6.0; we can wait and watch how the situation unfolds.

💬 What do you expect with KDE Plasma 6 and Qt 6? Share your thoughts.

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