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Linux Lite 5.8 Release Includes Neofetch, Updated Theme, and New Wallpapers

One of the best Windows-like distribution and lightweight distros out there, Linux Lite is an impressive choice for modern computers and old systems.

And, to improve the experience, finally, Linux Lite 5.8 is here!

The latest release includes a host of changes in terms of UI, with performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Let me highlight the key changes.

Linux Lite 5.8: What’s New?

Linux Lite 5.8 with a New Wallpaper
Source: LinuxLiteOS

Updates to Appearance

As you might have guessed, Linux Lite uses the XFCE desktop environment that is fairly customized. It is coupled with the Papirus icon theme and the Roboto Regular font to give the distro a unique look.

The new release includes an updated Papirus icon theme that supports newer apps and improvements to existing ones.

Updated Papirus Icon Theme
Source: LinuxLiteOS

Moreover, users will find nine new and cool-looking wallpapers in the catalog. Perhaps a much-needed addition for a new release marking its first release of 2022.

Source: LinuxLiteOS

In addition to that, several other tweaks and bug fixes have been made to the UI.

Ubuntu 20.04 & Linux Kernel 5.4

If you’re already familiar with Linux Lite, you can notice that all the releases are based on Ubuntu’s LTS ones.

Thus, Linux Lite 5.8 is still based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release, particularly 20.04.3. Naturally, the older Linux Kernel 5.4 will be used precisely 5.4.0-91.

Fortunately, users also have the option to install custom kernels (from 3.13 to 5.15) if they wish to via the repository. This is helpful for those with newer hardware or those who want the latest features.

Adding Neofetch & Updated Software Packages

Source: LinuxLiteOS

Neofetch has been included with the release to let you quickly get a system overview from the terminal.

You will find several application and packages updates in the release.

The default web browser Firefox has been updated to version 96, while the default office suite LibreOffice has been updated to

You will also find some other applications like VLC and Gimp 2.10.18.

The Lite Widget has received a syntax update based on Conky’s latest code format. You will also find “Mintstick” to format USB, considering DVD burning sessions are mostly a thing of the past.

In addition to all these, the Help Manual has also received some updates.

Download Linux Lite 5.8

Linux Lite 5.8 may not be the most significant release yet, but the improvements should improve the overall user experience.

Plus, I feel the choice of installing a newer kernel (or custom kernel) is something that should be useful for advanced users and folks with new-gen hardware.

While it is one of the best choices if you are coming from Windows, you can also give it a try if you are disappointed with the Linux distribution you’re using now.

You can download the ISO file right away from its official website. There’s even a clear description of how to disable UEFI support to avoid facing issues for newbies out there. You can learn more about it in the official announcement post.

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