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Linux Mint 22 To Add Matrix Client, Hide Risky Flatpak Apps, and More

Linux Mint 22 has interesting plans for the release.

The upcoming release of Linux Mint 22 will be an interesting one.

For starters, Linux Mint 22 will be debuting with PipeWire, and Linux kernel updates whenever a point release for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is made available.

Now, the Linux Mint team has shared more of their plans making the software experience safer, and consistent across the platform. Let me highlight the key ones.

Adding a Matrix Client to the Mix

linux mint matrix

Linux Mint planned to build a Hexchat replacement to include access to support rooms.

Now, they decided that it is better to just pre-install “Element”, a popular Matrix client with access to Linux Mint's public channels, solving all the problems without extra efforts.

With one of the best Matrix clients installed, Linux Mint users can get a head start on using the community space using the latest decentralized tech, and utilize it for anything else they need.

Flatpak Safety Concerns Addressed

Whether you prefer Flatpaks or Snap, Linux Mint encourages Flatpak packages to get started.

However, there is a bit of a problem with Flatpak apps that are "unverified", meaning, a Flatpak package maintained by someone else (not the official developer/company).

Like the Google Chrome app, it is not officially maintained by Google, but you don't see a warning of any kind:

unverified flatpak apps

Presently, you can find unverified Flatpak apps and download it without any proper warning displayed in the Linux Mint Software Manager.

That's what they aim to change.

To start with, Linux Mint will stop displaying unverified Flatpak apps by default. You can change this if you like. Moreover, the unverified apps will display a score of 0, allowing users to score the unverified apps and build trust around it.

And, lastly, they will mark the unverified apps to inform the user about it.

That is lovely progress, and admitting an issue and doing something about it as explained in their blog post.

Linux Mint for you folks, that's why so many users love this distro.

Other Plans

In addition to the Flatpak and Matrix client changes, Linux Mint also decided to focus on making more XApp apps as they feel utilities being GNOME-centric with time.

For now, many apps were downgraded to its GTK3 versions. In the near future, they plan to make XApp more independent, where they will be making more XApp apps.

Well, I can't wait for Linux Mint 22. It sounds so good already with the vision they have right now. What do you think about these plans?

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