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Loongson is Getting Ready for LoongArch Linux Laptops

The Chinese manufacturer is working on a Linux laptop series based on LoongArch processors.

Don't confuse it with Arch Linux :)

LoongArch is a CPU architecture by Loongson Technology.

Recently, Loongson added the initial support for LoongArch CPU architecture in Linux Kernel 5.19.

If you are curious, LoongArch has similar attributes to RISC-V. You can also call it a new RISC ISA (Instruction Set Architecture).

Want more technical details? The Linux Kernel's documentation is your friend.

While it is not popular, a new CPU architecture support is always welcome and opens up various opportunities with new hardware.

Chinese Manufacturer Gearing Up for Linux Laptops

It seems like Loongson Technology, the computer hardware manufacturer responsible for the LoongArch CPU architecture, is preparing new Linux laptops featuring the same.

What this means: You will soon get to see LoongArch laptops running Linux out-of-the-box.

Of course, considering it as a Chinese vendor, it is unlikely to be available everywhere. But you never know, right?

Lenovo and Huawei are some of the most prominent Chinese manufacturers producing Linux laptops. Considering the market for Linux laptops is not as crowded, Loongson coming up with its product offering sounds good.

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Loongson adding a driver to Linux: They are adding code to the Linux Kernel, i.e., in the form of an ACPI-based "loongson-laptop" driver, as spotted by Phoronix. This could be a part of the upcoming Linux 6.0 release.

The code addition also mentions that some are derived from Thinkpad's ACPI configuration, which should not be surprising.

Joining the RISC-V race early: Considering much hope for RISC-V computers as the next major leap in computing, I think Loongson wants to compete in that space, preparing its similar CPU architecture for the real world.

Loongson is not famous for its laptops or their performance in them. So, it will be interesting to see how it unfolds shortly.

💬 What do you think about LoongArch Linux laptops? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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