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Lutris 0.5.11 Adds Open Source Macintosh Emulators and Amazon Games Integration

Lutris 0.5.11 is a nice update with new Macintosh emulators and Amazon Games integration.

Lutris is an open-source game manager on Linux, giving you easy access to all kinds of game clients like Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store, and more.

It made things so much easier for many Linux users. We also interviewed its creator in the past, with an insightful conversation:

The Progress Linux has Made in Terms of Gaming is Simply Incredible: Lutris Creator
If you’re someone who prefers to play games on a Linux system, you probably already know about the open gaming platform Lutris. We have mentioned it in our Linux Gaming Guide. We are not the only one. Anthony from Linus Tech Tips also mentioned it as a useful game

Now, with the latest update to it (a minor release), we have some exciting feature additions!

🆕 Lutris 0.5.11: What's New?

Lutris 0.5.11

Being a point release, you may not notice any visual changes, but you get some new features and fixes to improve your user experience.

First, I'd like to mention some key features in this release:

  • Integration for Amazon Games launcher.
  • Added support for open-source Macintosh emulators named SheepShaver, BasiliskII, and Mini vMac.
  • Made changes to shortcuts to toggle installed (Ctrl + i) games and hidden games (Ctrl + h).
  • Gnome terminal and Deepin terminal are now recognized as terminal emulators.
  • Added support for Gamescope on Nvidia driver 515 and above.

Let me discuss more about the changes:

🕹️ Amazon Prime Games Integration

Lutris with Amazon prime gaming support

This may not sound much, but Amazon's game launcher is a Windows-specific thing for playing games. Now, thanks to the integration support by Lutris, you can access and try playing the games available under Wine.

You can enable Amazon Prime Gaming from Preference>Sources.

🖥️ Addition of Open-Source Macintosh emulators

Lutris with support for open-source macintosh emulators

This release has added three Macintosh open-source runners (emulators).

Curious about what they do?

Well, two of them (Basilisk II and Mini vMac) are made to run 32-bit Macintosh machines. And, the third one, SheepShaver, is made to run programs from the PowerPC Macintosh lineup.

⌨️ Recognize GNOME Console and Deepin Terminal

Running games in Linux terminal with Lutris

With this point release, the support for the GNOME console and Deepin terminal was added to emulate text-based programs.

So, you no longer have to rely on what Lutris gives you by default!

🛠️ Other Changes

Along with the highlights, another key change includes the support for Gamescope for Nvidia drivers 515 and above.

Gamescope can be paradise while playing low-resolution games as it helps you to upscale the resolution.

Some other fixes and refinements include:

  • Commands exiting with return code 256 for some installer is fixed.
  • Lutris will no longer perform runtime even if the game is launched through shortcuts.
  • Random crashes are now fixed when Lutris was not able to determine screen resolution.
  • When Mangohud was used alongside Gamescope, it often crashed, which is now fixed.

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📥 Download Lutris 0.5.11

There are many ways to download the latest Lutris version for your Linux system. I would recommend using the Flatpak package from Flathub.

You can also install it from your software center, or visit the official website to explore more options.

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