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Microsoft Decides to Promote Ubuntu to Windows 10 Users

What a day to be alive!

It looks like, we are not the only ones telling our readers to switch to Linux because of Microsoft's Windows 11 upgrade notifications or requirements.

Of course, if you are following us, you already know that Microsoft has been bothering its Windows 10 users with upgrade notifications and what not.

Unfortunately, while some of them can try to upgrade, numerous users cannot upgrade because their hardware is a little older (or does not meet the pesky TPM requirements needed by Windows 11).

I am in the same boat where I have an i5-11600K with an ASUS Z590 motherboard, but Windows 10 says that I'm still ineligible for the upgrade until I play around with my BIOS settings.

windows 11 update requirements

The entire ordeal is grabbing more attention now that the end-of-life for Windows 10 is approaching near (i.e., October 14, 2025.)

Not just because we promote Linux here, Microsoft is annoying its users for real, you can check out our last coverage on it here:

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But, what just happened now? 😲

Microsoft Tells You To Use Ubuntu

Now, this sounds cryptic, but doesn't it also make sense?

Microsoft does promote Ubuntu WSL, and they also know that users ineligible for the Windows 11 upgrade will keep using an insecure system on top of Windows 10.

So, it is only fair for Microsoft to inform their users to try Ubuntu if they cannot upgrade to Windows 11 by the end of next year.

I mean, it is an expensive business to maintain/secure Windows 10 systems for free, right? And, not everyone will opt for the paid extended security update plan.

See the screenshot above where it says my PC does not meet minimum requirements for Windows 11?

Microsoft decided to add a "Try Ubuntu" button on the same screen, which takes you to Ubuntu's installation guide and switching from Windows page.

With a move like this, Microsoft gets to show that it isn't anticompetitive, and also gets away with any future issues where a customer complains about Windows 10 not being maintained even with plenty of users using it.

windows update funny ubuntu
Source: Trust me

What Can You Do Now?

The choice is obvious. We would recommend you to try Ubuntu, and follow one of our tutorials for a better understanding:

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Once done, you should check out our resources on Ubuntu to give you a head start on everything:

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You can actually continue using Windows 10 because Microsoft would never, in my wildest dreams, do that, you know? 😉


Happy April Fools' Day! 😂

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