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There's One More Reason to Use Mozilla Firefox Now!

Firefox is making good advances. Let's take a look at what's cooking now!

Mozilla Firefox is a fantastic open-source cross-platform browser with a proven track record of offering you the best privacy-focused features.

Not to forget, it comes baked in as the default with most Linux distributions, making it an obvious go-to web browser for Linux users.

Firefox's Current State

Despite its privacy-first approach, and being one of the best open-source alternatives to Google Chrome, it is not the most preferred web browser.

Sounds disappointing, right?

Well, it is.

Google Chrome has a 63.56% market share, compared to 2.94% occupied by Firefox users—as per StatCounter.

browser stats

Why is it the case?

Well, if you want to get into the details, you might want to recall that Firefox lost almost 50 million users in 2021.

If you would rather not read everything about it: Mozilla Firefox has been doing everything it can, with not enough things to attract the masses.

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Firefox's User Experience is Improving

Fortunately, in the past two years, Mozilla Firefox seems to be focusing on improving the usability, one step at a time, and presenting itself to the masses than usual.

For instance, working towards an automated translated feature support in Firefox 117.

Overall, the recent updates have simplified the user interface and add to the reasons why I keep coming back to Firefox whenever I try to switch.

Sure, the privacy features like Firefox Relay (one of the tools to protect your email) are needed along with it. But, not every user cares about the under-the-hood improvements that make the experience safer.

Most of the users want their favorite web services to be accessible seamlessly via the web browser. That is the biggest part of the user experience.

Undoubtedly, Mozilla Firefox is a capable and secure browser to give you that.

If the browser nails the user experience for the netizens using their favorite or mainstream services, it will help Firefox retain its users and gain new ones.

Google's Web Services Work Better Than Ever on Firefox

And, the good news? Mozilla is working more on that now!

In a recent blog post, they announced that Google Meet and other Google services like Workspace, Voice, YouTube, Keep, Maps, Translate, and Photos will work better than ever on Firefox.

gmail on firefox

To achieve this, Mozilla has been collaborating with the Google's Workspace team for a while now.

Here's what they mention:

So if you’re considering a switch but have had concerns with compatibility, you can be confident that Google services work great with Firefox — and that we’re always working on meeting your ever-changing needs.

To give us an example, they shared screenshots of the improved experience with Google Meet. You can now apply visual effects (or background) to your video feed before or after joining the call on Firefox 115 or above.

google meet screenshot

A major chunk of web users utilize Google services, and if they get a great user experience on Firefox, it can be a suitable alternative to Chrome for them.

So, improved Google web services experience on Firefox?

Another reason to use Firefox.

I think this is a good move from Mozilla to improve the web experience of popular web services to keep up with Google Chrome and any other competing browsers.

💬 Are you already using Firefox? Did you decide to give it another try after reading this? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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