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MX Linux has Released a New Edition for Newer Hardware

MX Linux 21 was officially unveiled last month while introducing a new Fluxbox edition. However, the Advanced Hardware Support (AHS) ISO was not a part of it.

Recently, MX Linux announced the availability of MX Linux 21 AHS and a new AHS repo for existing MX Linux 21 users.

In this article, let us explore more about it.

MX Linux 21 AHS: What’s Different?

As many of MX Linux’s existing users will know, the ‘AHS’ in MX Linux AHS Edition stands for ‘Advanced Hardware Support’.

In simpler terms, this means that it includes a newer kernel and graphics stack tailored for modern hardware.

If you do not need the latest open-source graphics stack with updates, there is no reason for you to try this out.

In this case, MX Linux 21 comes baked with Linux Kernel 5.14 and updated versions of Mesa, Vulkan, and XOrg. It is highly recommended that users with newer gen graphics try it out to iron out any issues with the older kernel and ensure compatibility.

The AHS edition comes with the Xfce desktop environment by default, although other environments can be installed post-installation. This should lead to a relatively smooth experience for everyone, as the Xfce desktop environment has already received some significant improvements with the MX Linux 21 release.

You can get this ‘AHS Edition’ on existing MX Linux install as well

Considering that you already have MX Linux 21 and do not need the latest Linux Kernel, you can simply enable the AHS repo and get the latest Mesa, Xorg, and Vulkan drivers.

As you can notice in the screenshots, all you have to do is enable the repo and perform an upgrade to get the latest packages available.

However, if you do not have MX Linux 21 installed, you can opt for the ISO and perform a fresh installation to get Linux Kernel 5.14 along with a newer graphics stack.

You can download the MX Linux 21 AHS ISO directly or choose to get the torrent files. We have linked both of them in the buttons down below.

For more details, you can refer to the official announcement.

Will you be trying out the new ISO? Or, do you prefer to enable the repo to get the latest graphics stack? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below.

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