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MX Linux 23.2 'Libretto' is Here!

Essential improvements, and additions with the latest point update MX Linux 23.2.

MX Linux has introduced their first major release of 2024 as a continuation to their 23.x release. The previous release, MX Linux 23, featured a new logo, and other major changes.

The new release, MX Linux 23.2 aims to continue in that path.

If you are curious, this Debian-based distro is a superb choice if you are looking for a systemd-free distro that doesn't get in the way while using it.

So, without any further ado, let's dive in.

🆕 MX Linux 23.2: What's New?

a screenshot of mx linux 23.2 with a neofetch output welcome app and about mx linux app open on the desktop screen

Built on Debian 12.4 “Bookworm” base, MX Linux 23.2 uses Linux kernel 6.1 for the standard variant, and Linux kernel 6.6 “liquorix” for its “Advanced Hardware Support” (AHS) release, meant for newer hardware.

As for the highlights of this release, the installer now features fixes for users of the “toram” live feature, an update that addresses fstab generation, and a better graphical user interface.

The various applications and tools also see upgrades, for audio/video handling, PipeWire 1.0 is used, a new tool “MX Locale” has been introduced for managing system locale information, the default language, and more.

On the UI/UX part, the “mx-comfort-themes” has been fixed due to some apps not playing nice with it, and a new wallpaper called “MX Linux Desert Landscape” has been introduced.

A new tool called “papirus-folder-colors” is also here that allows you to experiment with different folder colors.

Then there's the new camera apps; in the case of the KDE Plasma version of MX Linux, Webcamoid replaces Kamoso and similarly, for Xfce and Fluxbox, Webcamoid is replaced with Guvcview.

And to close this out, the AHS release for MX Linux's flagship desktop (Xfce) now receives updated firmware and Mesa libraries with a new optional setting for enabling auto-updates under the MX-Packageinstaller menu.

For further reading, you may go through the release notes.

📥 Get MX Linux 23.2

For getting the latest MX release, you can head over to the official website, with various download mirrors and access to the torrent files.

💬 Got any thoughts on this release? Let me know below!

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