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Nextcloud Hub 22 Makes It Easy to Collaborate and Manage Groups

Nextcloud is one of the best open-source remote working tools available.

With every new release, it is just keeps getting better. The latest Nextcloud Hub 22 release introduces significant improvements to the workflow and a new app that should make it easier to collaborate and efficiently manage groups.

Nextcloud Hub 22: What’s New?

Here, let me highlight the key changes involved in the release.

Collectives App to Manage and Share Knowledge

Taking notes or managing information that you consume in an individual level is doable. But, how do you ease knowledge management and sharing for a group of individuals?

Collectives app comes to the rescue with Nextcloud 22 that lets you create pages/subpages to structure knowledge and cross-document links to interlink information.

You can manage access to the information using user-defined groups, which is also a new feature introduced with this release.

User-defined Groups

Normally, the administrator manages groups/teams. But, with user-defined groups i.e. Circles, you can add anyone from your contacts to form a group without needing an administrator.

A circle is a custom group anyone can create. You can also choose to make it visible to other members or keep it private.

This lets you easily share tasks/files with a particular circle.

Integrated Chat and Task Management

As part of an improved workflow, Nextcloud 22 lets you turn a chat message to deck card to quickly assign a task.

You will get the ability to tweak the due date and assign it to someone specific.

Also, you can easily share the deck card created in a chat room of your choice.

Document Signing & Approval

Another major improvement to the workflow is the introduction of document signing capabilities within Nextcloud and the document approval option.

You get support for PDF signing tools like LibreSign and DocuSign. You can get a formal signature for any of your documents without leaving Nextcloud, make things more convenient.

The approval option also lets you share proposals or applications and get a response within Nextcloud.

Other Improvements

With Nextcloud 22, you can finally restore deleted calendar events. When deleted, the calendar events reside in a trash bin, which gives you the chance to look back for about a month.

In addition to the new features, there are performance and security upgrades as well.

If you are curious, you can check out the official announcement post about this release.

You should find the latest Nextcloud version available to download for desktop, mobile, and server in the official website.

If you want help installing it in your server, go through our tutorial on installing Nextcloud with Docker.

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