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Nitrux 3.2.1 Release Adds a New Tiling Window Manager

Nitrux's first update for 2024, and it includes useful changes.

Nitrux is one of the many immutable Linux distributions for those looking for something different, it is also one of the most beautiful Linux distros around that comes customized out of the box.

Just a few days into 2024, we now have the Nitrux 3.2.1 release that aims to offer many new improvements and features. So, without any further ado, let's dive into this release!

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🆕 Nitrux 3.2.1: What's New?

a screenshot of nitrux 3.2.1 desktop screen

Code-named “se”, which stands for “safer environment”, the Nitrux 3.2.1 release is powered by an enthusiast-grade Linux kernel 6.6.9-1-liquorix that improves performance and hardware support.

You will also notice a new default wallpaper (as shown above), it is called “Aqua”, an abstract wallpaper that features a wavy blue gradient pattern of differently shaded blue tones. It also has a dark version that is aimed towards reducing eye strain.

As for the key highlights of this release:

  • Tweaked Calamares Installer
  • Updated Application Suite
  • User Interface Improvements

Tweaked Calamares Installer

a screenshot of nitrux 3.2.1 calamares installer

The placeholder text and descriptions for all the input fields in the Calamares installer have been improved so that the user can easily know which field does what. The slideshow shown during install has also been updated to show info from the Nitrux website.

Moreover, a new checkbox has been added to the password configuration screen that lets users enable or disable the password strength notification; it is enabled by default. The devs recommend users keep it enabled to avoid any potential security risks.

Updated Application Suite

On the application side of things, Nitrux 3.2.1 comes equipped with many updated apps, some notable ones include:

User Interface Improvements

a screenshot of nitrux 3.2.1 with polonium window tiling in action
Polonium in action on Nitrux 3.2.1

Nitrux 3.2.1 is equipped with the KDE Plasma 5.27.10 desktop environment, with KDE Frameworks 5.114.0 and KDE Gear 23.08.4 completing the KDE experience.

The devs have implemented Polonium, a tiling window manager for KWin that works with Wayland Plasma 5.27 and later. It lets you resize/move tiled windows with your mouse and keyboard, you can also edit the tile sizes with the integrated KWin GUI.

Even the NX Desktop command-line utility and desktop-config saw a refactoring of the code. Now, there is a new help section, the flags to hide/display window tile bar decorations work correctly, a new flag to restart KWin X11, etc. are some highlights.

Polonium is not enabled by default.
a screenshot of nitrux 3.2.1 cover switch window switcher in action

The window switcher sees an update too; Now, when you press “Alt+Tab”, you will be shown the Cover Switch instead of Big Icons. This was a feature many missed after it was dropped in an earlier Plasma release, but it is back now with Nitrux and the newer Plasma release.

a screenshot of nitrux 3.2.1 plasma drawer in action

And to sum things up, there is also a new customizable full-screen app launcher called Plasma Drawer that will feel familiar if you have used NX Menu and KRunner in the past.

If you don't prefer that, then you can use one of the included alternative launchers, Launchpad Plasma and Ditto Menu.

🛠️ Other Changes and Improvements

As for the other changes, here are some worth noting:

  • New system fonts thanks to Switzer and CamingoCode.
  • IPv6 Privacy Extensions standard is enabled by default in NetworkManager.
  • Implementation of the KDE Wacom tablet KCModule for better Wacom product support.

For further reading, you may go through the official announcement blog.

📥 Download Nitrux 3.2.1

Starting from this release, the ISO files for Nitrux are signed with a GPG key, replacing the previous MD5 checksum system. The latest release is available from the following official sources:

For existing users, you can upgrade to the latest Nitrux release via Nitrux Update Tool System (nuts), by running the following command:

sudo nuts update

For those who don't have it installed, they can follow the official upgrade guide for more information.

💬 Will you be trying out the Nitrux 3.2.1 release? Let us know below!

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