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System76 Won't Release Pop!_OS 22.10 Linux Distro: Here's Why!

There will be no Pop!_OS 22.10. So, you can't get your hands on GNOME 43.. Here's why!

Pop!_OS is an Ubuntu-based distro that offers a polished user experience alongside a robust software suite.

Pop!_OS releases are usually worth the wait for their latest tech stack and useful tweaks they bring in with their desktop environment experience.

But, you will not be getting a Pop!_OS 22.10 release.

System76 wants to focus on developing its own Rust-based COSMIC desktop environment ditching GNOME for future releases. 😲

In case you did not know, here is our older coverage on the COSMIC desktop for Pop!_OS to provide clarity:

Oh, Wow! Pop!_OS Linux Devs Are Creating a New Rust-based Desktop Environment
Earlier this year, System76 introduced their desktop environment (DE) “COSMIC” based on GNOME. The COSMIC desktop aimed to offer a polished and more functional experience when compared to GNOME. Considering my previous experience with Pop!_OS, System76 always seems to have top-notch implem…

No Pop!_OS 22.10 Release

A new Pop!_OS release usually comes just after Ubuntu's new release for both the LTS and non-LTS versions.

Without Pop!_OS 22.10, some users might be disappointed not to get their hands on GNOME 43 experience on Pop!_OS.

Thanks to OMG!Ubuntu! for spotting this on a Reddit comment by Pop!_OS developer Michael Murphy.

Michael mentions:

We are going to focus our development time onto the Rust implementation of COSMIC instead of 22.10. It takes a lot of effort to support multiple releases of Ubuntu, and the 6 month release cycle really eats into development time and stability of the product.

👏 I believe that is an excellent decision. Last year, when they announced their plans for a Rust-based built-from-scratch desktop environment, I always wondered how they could pull it off.

It is a huge task to make something from the ground up and reach the expectation of users who already have a great experience on Pop!_OS with a GNOME-based desktop.

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COSMIC Desktop Environment

pop os cosmic de early build

It would be interesting to see more developments in the COSMIC desktop environment. The last time we tried it (or saw the mockups), it sparked excitement among the users even when they were just starting out.

Technically, it has been in development since 2021, with a Pop!_OS release coming in 2023.

It is written in the Rust programming language following the freedesktop interoperability specifications, and to completely remove any dependence on GNOME and its shell extensions.

We had previously covered the early preview build of the COSMIC desktop environment, you can check that out here:

I Tried System76’s New Rust-based COSMIC Desktop!
If you didn’t know already, System76 developers have been working on a new Desktop Environment (dubbed COSMIC) written in Rust: a memory-safe and superfast programming language. Creating a desktop environment from scratch is no small feat. That involves creating everything from the compositor,…

Why Is This a Good Thing?

The LTS releases for Pop!_OS already receive regular package updates and kernel upgrades more than Ubuntu, so you have nothing to worry about not getting a 22.10 version release.

Instead, we should look forward to Pop!_OS's next major upgrade where they properly introduce the Rust-COSMIC desktop environment.

💬 What do you think about this decision? Are you excited to see what's in store with future Pop!_OS releases?

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