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OBS Studio 29 Release Has Little in Store For Linux

OBS Studio 29 is an exciting release with key improvements across all platforms.

OBS Studio is one of the most popular open-source screen recording and streaming software.

Used by many Linux users and content creators, it has a pretty neat set of tools and features that lets you record and stream content.

Its last major release was back in September 2022, which brought in native support for Apple Silicon, updated UI, improved color support, and more.

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Its next release, v29, seems to be a bit interesting, but not so much for Linux users 😞

OBS Studio 29: What's New?

obs studio 29

This release has plenty of improvements and fixes; some of the highlights include the following:

  • Media key support for Linux
  • New Audio Filters
  • Improved NVIDIA Video and Audio Filters
  • Better Encoder Support
  • Various Fixes and Improvements

Media key support: You can finally use the media keys on your keyboard to control the playback or the volume with OBS on Linux.

New Audio Filters: OBS Studio 29 features two new audio filters, an upward compressor filter, and a 3-band equalizer filter.

Improved NVIDIA Video and Audio Filters: Various improvements have been made to these filters.

A new Mask Refresh slider has been added, alongside support for temporal processing, that is supposed to provide better quality masking.

Better Encoder Support: Well, OBS Studio 29 received improved support for several encoders, such as:

  • AMD AV1 Encoder for RX7000 series of GPUs on Windows.
  • Intel AV1 Encoder for Arc GPUs on Windows.
  • Intel HEVC Encoder on Windows.
  • Native HEVC and ProRes encoders for macOS.
Note that support for these encoders is only for either Windows or macOS.

Sadly, they miss out on support for Linux. We hope these are added in a future release of OBS Studio.

Various Fixes and Improvements: Apart from the ones listed above, OBS Studio 29 features plenty of other changes, such as:

  • Websockets 5.1.0
  • The replay buffer's memory limit is now limited to 75% of installed system RAM, instead of being fixed to 8 GB.
  • Support for encryption and authentication for SRT and RIST outputs.
  • Ability to inspect and/or mute individual browser docks.
  • Support for higher refresh rates in case of video captures.

For more technical details, you can go through the official release notes.

Download OBS Studio 29

To get the latest OBS Studio 29, you can get the Flatpak, the recommended method.

You can also explore other installation methods mentioned in its official download page.

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