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OpenAI Plans to Challenge Google With its AI Search Engine

Another ChatGPT-powered wave incoming with the new search engine?

Following the trend of the previous year, so far, 2024 has been a crucial growth period for the field of Artificial Intelligence. Many companies like OpenAI, NVIDIA, Google, Microsoft, etc. have been going all in on developing various AI-powered solutions.

Among those, OpenAI seems to be readying up to challenge the search engine behemoth, Google, with a new AI-powered search engine.

Should Google be Worried?

google chatgpt search

According to reports, OpenAI is cooking up a ChatGPT-powered search engine that would gather information from the web and also include citations to credit the websites that host the actual content.

Currently, the rumored release date is May 13, 2024, just a day before Google's I/O Conference. Though, that is subject to change, it would be very cheeky of OpenAI if they proceeded with that date.

When launched, OpenAI's AI-powered search engine would go head-to-head with the likes of Perplexity, another AI startup that is backed by big names like NVIDIA and Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

Of course, OpenAI doesn't lack in the backing department. Microsoft being the generous backers they are, their collaborative effort has taken OpenAI into horizons never seen before.

Don't think that Google will be sitting silent; they have been working on their spin of an AI-powered search engine called Search Generative Experience (SGE) since last year.

I expect Google to share new information about it at their upcoming conference.

Maybe that's why OpenAI might be trying to be one step ahead of them? 🤔

That being said, let's see what happens on May 13. It would be interesting to see whether OpenAI gate keeps certain features for paying customers or provides complete access to all users at no extra cost.

💬 Would you use an AI-powered search engine? Let me know below!

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