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openEuler 24.03 LTS Release Focuses on AI and Cloud Deployment

A new open-source distro offering for cloud, edge, AI, and embedded use-cases. What do you think?

openEuler is an interesting Linux distribution managed under OpenAtom, a non-profit organization that promotes open source software adoption. It is backed by biggies like Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, etc.

This distro aims to provide a reliable and secure experience for its users, while focusing mainly on servers, edge computing, AI and embedded use cases.

As part of a recent conference, the developers have launched the new openEuler 24.03 LTS release that comes equipped with many improvements.

That being said, let's check it out😃

openEuler 24.03 LTS: What's New?

a photo of many people standing on a stage at the launch of openeuler 24.03 lts
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Powered by Linux kernel 6.6, users can expect four years of long-term support thanks to this release, and can choose to install desktop environment options manually like UKUI, GNOME, Deepin, Kiran-desktop, and Xfce.

I tried UKUI and here's how it looks:


In terms of hardware support, there's support for Intel, AMD, Zhaoxin, Hygon, Kunpeng, Loongson, ShenWei, Sophgo, and more. This covers popular CPU architectures like x86, ARM, SW64, and RISC-V.

As for the key highlights of this release, we have the introduction of the openEuler Software Center that allows users to easily install new apps and keep existing ones updated.

openEuler 24.03 LTS also features an AI-powered chatbot called “EulerCopilot”, which assists in code generation, problem analysis, and can also assist with general system operation and maintenance.

I didn't find these changes with UKUI desktop environment. So, maybe you can find it with another desktop environment.

That chatbot's name does seem to take a *lot* of cues from Microsoft's Copilot.

To support the above-mentioned changes, there's also a well-equipped application suite too, with Firefox, a Terminal app, Calculator, Text Editor, Disks, Screenshot Tool, and a Help Manual app.

Sadly, at the time of writing, the release notes did not include any other technical details. The best way to know the changes is to try it out.

If you are interested in learning more about this release, then you can go through the white paper. Be ready for a long read 😄

Get openEuler 24.03 LTS

The official website lists all the different builds of the openEuler 24.03 LTS release, with options for x86, AArch64, loongarch64, and riscv64.

Those are further sub-categorized into different use cases such as server, edge cloud, cloud computing and embedded.

There are also up to three different ISO options depending on the combination you choose, with a standard offline ISO (~3.9 GB), a network install ISO (~896 MB), and the massive offline “everything” ISO (~21.6 GB).

Be sure to refer to the official installation guide before getting started with this release.

And, if you are interested in the source code, then you can head to its Gitee repo.

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