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Parrot OS 4.11 Release Brings in Updates For Hacking Tools and Linux Kernel 5.10

Parrot is a Debian-based Linux distribution that focuses on security, privacy, and development. It includes a collection of tools for penetration testing and development.

Recently, the developers released the latest version of the distribution, Parrot 4.11 powered by Linux Kernel 5.10 along with updates for various hacking tools, python 3.9, and other changes.

Let’s take a detailed look at the changes in Parrot 4.11.

Key Changes in Parrot 4.11

Parrot OS 4.11 is now powered by Linux Kernel 5.10, which means that now there is better hardware support. Besides, the team is already planning to release Linux 5.11 as an update.

Moreover, the new release of Parrot provides cleaner meta packages, updated tools, and an improved repository after the developers cleaned many broken and outdated packages.

Since the distribution focuses on security, several tools used for Linux local privilege were disabled. Pentester tools such as Xspy and Pompem received patches. Pompem recieved patch from the Parrot team to properly handle down services and use the new wpvulndb server.

Some other noticeable changes to Pentesters include the update of Metasploit framework to version 6.0.36 and Bettercap to version 2.29. Also, Routersploit now works with Python 3.9, and support for Fish and Zsh shells are now available.

Coming to the developer tools, the default VSCodium is now in version 1.54, and Geany is now pre-installed for users with less powerful hardware.

Besides, you can now use Python 3.9 as the default python version in Parrot OS. Moreover, the Go programming language will be updated to version 1.16 since then Go 1.15 is available in the distribution.

Other changes in Parrot 4.11

Parrot OS by default comes with the Mate desktop environment. However, alternative editions are available featuring KDE Plasma and Xfce desktop environments. Both desktop environments received updates and fixes.

Also, a revelation has been made by the team that they are planning to release an LTS branch with fewer updates for a very reliable user experience alongside the rolling releases. What’s interesting is that the LTS version will re-introduce ARM support and init freedom, definitely something to watch out for.

If you want to see the entire list of updates in Parrot 4.11, please read the official release notes.


Parrot 4.11 is available for download at the official website.

If you currently have the previous version of Parrot 4.11 installed on your system, you can upgrade to the latest version using apt.

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Parrot OS is fairly new as a hacking and penetration testing distribution. So, have you tried this new distribution? What do you think about the changes in this release? Let me know in the comments below.

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