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Open Source File Archiver Utility PeaZip Releases Version 9.0

The free and open-source file archiver utility adds a ton of refinements with this upgrade.

PeaZip is an open-source, cross-platform file archiver utility that supports over 200 archive formats.

It is a good utility to have installed on your Linux system if you want something that can easily handle most archiving tasks.

Now, with a recent update, PeaZip has become even better.

Let me take you through the release highlights.

🆕 PeaZip 9.0: What's New?

peazip 9.0

This release marks an essential step in PeaZip's development, with new features and overhauls implemented. Some of the highlights include:

  • Improved User Interface.
  • Enhanced Support for Various Formats.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • New options for 7z/p7zip backend.
  • Improvements to Plugins.

🎨 Improved User Interface

peazip 9.0 popup menu

The File Manager interface is now much more intuitive and can adapt according to changes in size and preferences.

It also features a new pop-up menu that can be accessed from the 'Style' menu at the top-right of the interface, which contains many options to change the behavior and appearance of PeaZip.

Enhanced Support for Various Formats

The support for ZPAQ, *PAQ and TAR formats has been improved.

In the case of ZPAQ: The zpaq archives have been tested for encryption and will ask for a password when opening, extracting, or converting such a file (if required).


Whenever a .zpaq file is opened or extracted, zpaq-specific options are shown in the extraction screen, avoiding going to the 'Advanced tab.'

You can also extract zpaq archives to absolute, full, or relative paths.

For PAQ: It is now possible to preview the contents of a paq8 archive, even if there is only a single file in the archive.

In the case of TAR: The generation of scripts with the 'TAR before' option has been improved, and compressed TAR archives can now be extracted in a single step (atomic tar extraction) (which is optional).

🛠️ Performance Improvements

peazip 9.0 about

PeaZip 9.0 has performance improvements in the following sectors:

  • It is now 10% faster in opening archives of more than 250,000 items while also using 10% less memory.
  • Adding files for archiving/extraction using the drag and drop method is now three times faster than before.
  • A performance bottleneck was removed during the selection of a large group of items in the file browser.

New options for 7z/p7zip backend

Various options were added for the 7z/p7zip backend that include:

  • Option for modifying the last access time of input files.
  • Option to limit the maximum usable memory during compression.
  • Option to disallow the following symbolic links/hard links for WIM and TAR archives.
These options are unavailable on macOS because it uses an older version of 7z.

Improvements to Plugins

PeaZip plugins are now provided as tar archives; you can install a plugin by extracting the content to (PeaZip)/res/bin/ directory.

That's it? 🤔

Well, no. There are a couple more technical changes. You can refer to the release notes if you want to dive deep into those.

Download/Install PeaZip 9.0

For Linux, PeaZip is provided in various forms, such as DEB, RPM, a portable binary, and alternative packages with two distinct flavors, QT5 and GTK2. A Flatpak is also available.

You can head to its download page to learn about the options.

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