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Peppermint Loaded: A Fully Packed Edition for New Users

A new edition for Peppermint OS users!

Peppermint OS can be regarded as one of the most lightweight Linux distros around, with a relatively minimal storage footprint, when compared to other more weighty distributions like Fedora or Ubuntu.

Back in 2023, the developers had launched a more compact release under the Peppermint OS Mini name, which was available in 32-bit/64-bit builds with both Debian and Devuan bases.

In contrast to that, they have now gone to the opposite end of the spectrum to offer a new “fully loaded” variant of Peppermint OS, which doesn't hold back when it comes to the storage size.

Let's check it out. 😃

Peppermint OS Loaded: What to Expect?

a screenshot of the peppermint os loaded variant's desktop view with the application launcher and welcome app open

Responding to many requests from users, the developers have introduced this variant for providing a pre-configured option that will make life easier for new users, giving them a solid out-of-the-box experience.

To accomplish that, they have put in many new applications and tools, which include the likes of Inkscape, LibreOffice, Firefox, GIMP, Thunderbird, Timeshift, GNOME System Tools, and Atril.

Furthermore, to make the deal even sweeter, there's pre-configured Flatpak support (not on 32-bit systems) that allows users to take advantage of a wide array of applications, and there are pre-installed utilities like Btop++, pfetch, and xDaily too.

You can learn more about this release by going through the announcement blog and build logs.

📥 Get Peppermint OS Loaded

If this release piqued your interest, then you can grab it from the official website, where other ISOs such as the flagship, community, and mini are also available.

Scroll down to the “Peppermint OS Fully Loaded” section, where you get to choose between 32-bit/64-bit variants of either a Debian or Devuan base.

Those interested in the source code can head to the project's Codeberg repo.

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