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ProtonMail Users can Now Access Proton Calendar (beta) for Free

ProtonMail is one of the best secure email services out there. While alternatives like Tutanota already offer a calendar feature, ProtonMail did not offer it for all the users.

The calendar feature (in beta) was limited to paid users. Recently, in an announcement, ProtonMail has made it accessible for all users for free.

It is worth noting that it is still in beta but accessible to more users.

Try Proton Calendar beta

Proton Calendar is a feature integrated with ProtonMail itself. However, you get a separate mobile app if you want to use it on Android. No signs of an iOS app yet.

If you are already using the portal when accessing through your web browser, you can navigate your way to Proton Calendar as shown below:

In either case, you can simply head to Proton Calendar page ( and log in to access it.

They should also add the selector menu to the main ProtonMail version, but unfortunately, it is only available on the beta portal for now.

As per the announcement, the features available with Proton Calendar right now are:

  • Create, edit, and delete events across devices
  • Set reminders
  • Send and respond to event invitations (web only for now)
  • Set up recurring events annually, monthly, weekly, daily, or on an interval of your choice
  • Also available in dark mode

You can also import events from your existing calendar if you are thinking to make a switch. Event invitations should work from both Google and Microsoft Calendars.

Unlike other calendars, Proton Calendar utilizes end-to-end encryption to protect your events. So, only you know what events you have and the information regarding it.

If you are curious to know the details behind how they protect your calendar data, you can refer to their official blog post about it.

Have you tried Proton Calendar yet? Is it as useful as Tutanota’s already existing calendar if you’ve tried it?

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